(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Would it still be considered an enemy spell if the status effect triggered when your turn begins?

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It’s unprecedented. Logic says it should be an enemy effect… But that’s logic.

So, getting to power level 24 is going to be a big step for players, because it’s the first jump past kingdom level 15 requirement. The previous one is at power level 21 where you need kingdom level 13 to unlock it, which is trivially easy, because Imperial Deeds aren’t required until level 14. But jumping from kingdom level 13 to kingdom level 16 isn’t that easy:

To go from 13 to 16, you need a total of: 640k gold, 2 Books, 6 Imperial Deeds, and 18 specific-color deeds.

One thing you can do is look at what deeds you have and whether you need anymore of them and which ones you can start turning into books. For instance, here’s my set up:

Deed Color # Deeds # Books Deeds Required Imperial Required
Ice Blue 34 0 20 4
Nature Green 10 1 10 2
Fire Red 66 1 68 13
Air Yellow 70 6 48 9
Magic Purple 38 3 10 2
Stone Brown 23 0 30 6
Imperial 2 0 0
Writs 438 0 0

That’s how many Deeds/Books I have on hand, and how many I need to reach kingdom level 15 for those specific colors. Once more books start getting released, I’ll start tracking those. I have a ton of books because, for instance, I had 60 Nature deeds, but I will only ever need 10 to get the remaining green kingdoms to 15 (when they stop using the specific color deeds and switch to books and imperial deeds only).

Over at taransworld, they have Kingdom Power levels and what they will be based on upcoming releases. You can see that Leonis Empire will hit power level 24 on May 10th. So I went ahead and upgraded that Kingdom to 16 (I also have Ghulvania at 16 because I farm difficulty 12 there so the 10% bonus is helpful, since I don’t utilize the 20% mythstone bonus at all).

Once more kingdoms start to hit level 24, it’ll be important to look ahead and see which ones will be getting there first so you can save imperial deeds and books for them, because you’ll want to be able to get the corresponding kingdom to level 16, otherwise it’ll be stuck on power level 23.


Another bothersome point is getting 23 KP in the first place as it requires three level 20 pets, only two can be obtained without spending real money (Manticub and Cactnid Kid) and the other two currently available are cosmetic. Unicalio Jack and Lamplet (from the current campaign. Technically Unicalio can be gotten with gems whenever the rescue returns on a Saturday
But I recall Salty stating that “no cosmetic pet pets will ever be required to upgrade kingdom power levels”, however I can’t find that statement anywhere.

I was only able to find this one, I also seem to recall the specific statement above.

(That one was written by you, @Fourdottwoone!! :stuck_out_tongue:)

I could have sworn there was another, more informal discussion about it prior to both of these, but couldn’t find it ¯_(ツ)_/¯ :confused:

Edit: e.g. a month earlier, 4.21 said this, which alludes to an earlier discussion in which it was said:

That statement was made a long, LONG time ago. From the posts below yours, it looks like that statement was made almost two full years ago.

I bring this up because this exact topic was brought up on a stream to Salty a couple of weeks ago. On the stream she stated that such comments, when made, are relevant to the state of the game at the time that those comments were made. As time passes, the accuracy of such comments decreases.

So, while Salty did not explicitly say that this statement no longer true, she (IMO) very strongly alluded that the statement is likely no longer true because of the passage of time and likely changes in direction of the game since then (many things exist in the game now that didn’t two years ago that could have caused the designers to change their position towards pets and kingdom leveling).


TL:DR - Power Level 17 may not require a cosmetic pet, but that doesn’t mean Power Level 27 won’t.

Imo… I’m only okay with this IF then SOLEY the cosmetic pets that block Kingdom progression then can become part of the daily offers. The rest of the trash shouldn’t be.


Now with Lycanthropy added, it seems faction including these traits will be almost as painfull as Labirynt… especialy for pure faction runs… yuuk!

What would the next one be? Cactnid Kid is for City of Thieves delve, Manticub is for Leonis Empire Team bonus, Uncalico Jack is just cosmetic, and I see this on tarans:

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Nah man.
The devs in their infinite wisdom are gonna add the delve trait that makes all the troops immune to Lycanthropy so that EoE is still viable for runs. And the room will be available automatically in every delve second room. :joy:

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Taransworld shows Huanglong for this coming Friday, but Salty showed Vernalis on stream. Any ideas which one it will be? Thanks!

Reminds me of the Maugrim Woods faction, I’m tending towards Huanglong. :woozy_face:


Deal [Magic+1] damage to all Enemies. Then there are individual 50% chances to gain [Magic+1] Attack, gain an extra turn, and gain Barrier, Enchanted or Blessed.

I believe this is the first time a troop uses ‘individual’ chances - are ‘individual’ chances somehow different from ‘independent’ chances, the phrase previously used for troops and weapons?

I wouldn’t think so. Looks like another case of de-unification to me.

A troop that has “independent” chances went through internal QA. A troop that has “individual” chances did not.


Honestly, this one isn’t a huge deal to me. It’s not really a keyword that you’d use to filter troops, so it’s just a little irritating for people who like consistency.

I believe Salty mentioned in Wednesday’s PQ stream that she will be previewing the correct mythic today with the faction preview. Should be HuangLong in a few days.

Yeah, she’s showing off Huanglong right now. Fantastic troop

What’s good about it?

I, personally, really like what it brings. Huge skull damage reduction, doesn’t Mana block Mace of Claws or use red, so it isn’t a massive detriment to have it up front and actually benefit from the 70% armor. And the scaling magic trait pairs well with Dragon guard, giving a massive damage bonus. Huang, Mace, Divinia, and whatever random dragon you want on bottom with either supportive traits or that uses the overflow of red or purple from mace. Eventually will use the Mana start legendary when it comes out in the next month or so.

Will it be Guild Wars meta? Probably not, but it’s still effective enough to be used often enough to keep me engaged with the game and not be bored with the same teams all the time. I used the enchanted Beetrix team for quite a while, but it was getting stale… Then Ironhawk came out, and I’ve gotten back into playing PvP again using a mech team, because a new (useful!) mythic reinvigorated my enjoyment.