One Upon a Time in Brightstone

Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Brightstone, a shining beacon in the Elder Sea. The locals were known as a cheerful bunch, open minded, fairness a central pillar of their community. There was just one flaw marring the overall state of happiness, an old rivalry with Sword’s Edge, culminating in a race for fame they were slowly losing. The king gathered his advisors, looking for a solution.

“It’s trade, more precisely pet trade, that allows Sword’s Edge to grow this fast” the Supreme Analyst revealed.
“Then let there be pet trade!” the king decreed, envious of the purple star decorating the Sword’s Edge banner.
“But we don’t have any useful pets to offer!” the Speaker of Doubts cautioned, “Trogpole was already pushing the limits!”.
“It wouldn’t have to be useful, as long as it’s looking good!” the Master of Commerce countered, demonstrating deep understanding in Krystaran nature.
“Like eyeballs? I’m not sure I’d like an eyeball looking at me all day…” the Keeper of Secrets mused.
“Cats!” the Master of Commerce suggested, making it rather sound like a decision.
“Cats?” the Head Innovator wondered, “they aren’t even local, why cats?”.
“Fluffy!” the Master of Commerce explained in a voice commonly reserved for children.
“Like sheep” the Aggricultural Appointee pointed out, “and rabbits, the wooly cow, not to forget…”.
“Large eyes!” the Master of Commerce interrupted, not failing to notice a childish smile slowly spreading across the king’s face.
“Cats would be hard to come by” the Overseer of Equal Opportunities grumbled, “as a luxury item we could at best ever be able to hand out one to each resident.”
“Adorable!” the Master of Commerce exclaimed, aiming towards the king’s ear.
“But what about…” the Speaker of Doubts started, just to realize the king was no longer paying attention at all.

In hindsight it should have been obvious to everyone willing to look. At first the residents cheered on receiving their fluffy, large eyed, adorable pet cat that brought wealth to everyone. Then the grumbling started, growing increasingly louder as more and more travelers and latecomers realized they had been left out. The situation quickly escalated when plans were discovered to extend the kingdom, benefitting only those who had initially managed to secure a large number of cats through questionable means. Once the king had been beheaded the rioting eventually died down, possibly also due to the Slavery Act imposed by the Council of Lords, the new center of power hastily formed by the most wealthy residents. They quickly proceeded to ban all pet trade, to ensure nobody would ever violate their position of supremacy.

The kingdom is now more aptly known as Darkstone.


  • In three weeks, Darkstone will receive the cosmetic Ninja Cat, unlocking power level 15 for all those around to collect one.
  • In six weeks, Darkstone will receive two additional troops, unlocking power level 17 for all those who bought 31 copies of Ninja Cat from the event shop.
  • In the not so distant future, Darkstone will receive an Invasion and Bounty event, unlocking power level 20 for all those who own Ninja Cat.
  • There are currently no “real” pets scheduled for Darkstone, and the planned pool of upcoming releases is big enough to last for well over a year.

Please don’t gate game progression as important as an extra magic point behind a single-opportunity one-day cosmetic paywall several thousand gems high.


Well, thanks for the warning. Now I know to spend tons of gems, since it’s unlikely that I will get 15-20 Ninja Cat opportunities, well, ever.


I don’t understand can you translate it for me to simplifyed Chinese please

2 years from now at the earliest.
The devs do whatever they can not to increase the magic stats for as long as they possibly can.
So please change this category to spoilers and relax.

And this is one of the many reasons restricted and/or cosmetic pets suck.

Maybe they can release a non-restricted pet for Darkstone in the much nearer future such that this is not a major issue, similar to the concept of Zuul being Karakoth’s only available Mythic.

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And why was the next Karakoth Mythic delayed 3 months so far?

Because when released it’ll raise the magic stats for those who can Max Star the kingdom

I wanna say something about tin-foil hats right now but I don’t have the energy. I’m pretty sure that’s more because the mythic in question needs reworking.

This reminded me of the “good old days” when @Sirrian still had time to write GoW lore :crying_cat_face:

I’d trade some of the new mythic’s damage for board manipulation, for sure. I love the “create 22 gems of 2 types” mythics though.

I’m not sure if I understand. Why is Ninja Cat not going to be in the normal pet rotation thus obtainable like other pets?

Its a cosmetic/event pet

I guess I didn’t correlate the two? I feel like we have a pet event every week and thought “event pet” corresponded with that.

Ninja Cat
Event: International Cat Day

Regular pets aren’t based on specific “events” and are part of generic pet rescues instead.

I don’t care how big the carrot is, I will never spend gems on a cosmetic pet.


As opposed to the current 400+ purely cosmetic troops. :grin:

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I don’t spend gems on those either.

Honestly that’s the sad truth.

The right thing to do is to spend 0 gems on this bullshit.

Instead this thread is going to serve as a call to action and inspire a lot of people to spend extra gems for their +1 magic.

The right thing for the devs to do would be to exclude cosmetic pets from Kingdom Power. After Ninja Cat releases.


I really don’t see why the urgency to max this cosmetic pet. Surely there will be another pet within 2 years? A non-cosmetic one I mean.

I don’t have statistics but the devs haven’t seemed particularly committed to even distributions in the past.

No seriously how did someone do <10 characters, I have nothing to add here.

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