One Upon a Time in Brightstone

And this is one of the many reasons restricted and/or cosmetic pets suck.

Maybe they can release a non-restricted pet for Darkstone in the much nearer future such that this is not a major issue, similar to the concept of Zuul being Karakoth’s only available Mythic.

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And why was the next Karakoth Mythic delayed 3 months so far?

Because when released it’ll raise the magic stats for those who can Max Star the kingdom

I wanna say something about tin-foil hats right now but I don’t have the energy. I’m pretty sure that’s more because the mythic in question needs reworking.

This reminded me of the “good old days” when @Sirrian still had time to write GoW lore :crying_cat_face:

I’d trade some of the new mythic’s damage for board manipulation, for sure. I love the “create 22 gems of 2 types” mythics though.

I’m not sure if I understand. Why is Ninja Cat not going to be in the normal pet rotation thus obtainable like other pets?

Its a cosmetic/event pet

I guess I didn’t correlate the two? I feel like we have a pet event every week and thought “event pet” corresponded with that.

Ninja Cat
Event: International Cat Day

Regular pets aren’t based on specific “events” and are part of generic pet rescues instead.

I don’t care how big the carrot is, I will never spend gems on a cosmetic pet.


As opposed to the current 400+ purely cosmetic troops. :grin:

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I don’t spend gems on those either.

Honestly that’s the sad truth.

The right thing to do is to spend 0 gems on this bullshit.

Instead this thread is going to serve as a call to action and inspire a lot of people to spend extra gems for their +1 magic.

The right thing for the devs to do would be to exclude cosmetic pets from Kingdom Power. After Ninja Cat releases.


I really don’t see why the urgency to max this cosmetic pet. Surely there will be another pet within 2 years? A non-cosmetic one I mean.

I don’t have statistics but the devs haven’t seemed particularly committed to even distributions in the past.

No seriously how did someone do <10 characters, I have nothing to add here.

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Here you go!


I have to add a complete sentence but…

----->8 CUT THREAD HERE >8--------

That’s an amazing “small change”. :astonished:
Thank you. Now I just need to resist the urge to bang my head against that All-Seeing Eye 500 faction run prior to 4.5. :sweat_smile:


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