untrait traited units

Dear Devs,
I´d like to ask if it might be possible in the future to “de-trait” units, e.g. I´d really like to get rid of the stealthy on my bandit. I think the game significantly favors experienced players (multi account players or lucky ones) by knowing the unit is far more useful if the third trait will not be traited. specific classes like orbweaver or especially thief ar by far more useful with an untraited third traid on the bandit. I don´t mind at all on loosing the resources, I´d gladly give them up.
thanks in advance


This has been adressed already several times in the past and successfully ignored.
The easiest way would be either to replace the stealth ability of bandit by another trait or replace the bandit by another troop in the talent tree of each class (by one without stealth ofc).
Otherwise I hardly doubt that there will be a change at all coz of my 1st sentence.