It's officially time to remove Stealth from Bandit

Despite my goal of having Max Kingdom stars at all times. (A goal Infinity Plus 2 and 505 Games has banked on over the past 4 years.)
I won’t selfishly make my Guild Wars Defenses weaker anytime I use Thief Class on defense with Backup selected by fully traiting Bandit again. (I had done so long ago before Talents existed.)

And I know I’m not the only one with this type of “Sophie’s Choice” this week.

So devs, instead of players deciding between doing what’s best for themselves or their guild. You do what’s best for the game and remove Stealth from Bandit please. Even if you feel like as a gimmick it should have it. Unfortunately in this case… You should let strategy be triumphant.


Right now the choice is very simple - better defenses with Thief or few gems. I will definitely choose un-traited Bandit over those few gems.
However, from June 11 the choice will be much harder: un-traited Bandit or +1 attack from Pridelands Power level 20…


Don’t expect the dev to understand, it’s not like they actually play this game themselves.


I’m a relative new player. (Less than two months in atm.) And while I certainly don’t have the same problem, it will be quite some time before I get that far into the game. I do like to add that upon learning I could summon these guys with a talent, I directly leveled them to max and intuitively unlocked all but the last trait.

So at the very least, it seems quite clear there is some disconnect between the troop itself and the talent that summons it.

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Coming from somebody whose loudest complaint often is - not fun, not fun, not fun…oh, the irony.

I never downgraded my Bandit and never will because - it’s not fun. Whoever did it, suit yourself, just don’t think twice before crying about somebody else (including higher powers) playing troll card.

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I don’t see what’s “not fun” here, just bad design. The same reason even some high level players keep their Blade and Club at +6, or advise new players not to +9 EoE, because the next trait/upgrade is simply bad design, counter productive in every way just like lycanthropy.


I think it’s more interesting to keep it. Now you’re forced to make a decision. Either way you go you’re gonna have to give up something. The excitement in the decision making is a rush in itself.

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There’s nothing ironic about trying my best to succeed in the guild wars brackets where it matters. 🤷

So once again we’re a minority I guess. But I don’t do ranked pvp until the end of the week unless the Campaign forces me to. And then then I don’t use Thief on my Defense unless I’m testing builds for GW.

So unfortunately… No irony here bucko.

Btw…(usually my guild wars defense is in the top 8 of the guild… So that probably factors in my logic as well.)

If you’d finally stop caring about pvp and see it as the dead entity that it is… Then maybe you’d have more fun. :wink:

It’s most definitely not time to remove it. It’s already infuriating enough playing against these people who made use of this exploit we don’t need every team to be like that.

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I would rather see removal of all summon on death/damage traits from the game completely.

Also, I wish there were more drawbacks than just lower KP to those who used the exploit.


… “It’s an exploit” not to upgrade all your troops because having Backup makes the Thief Stealth less effective? Compared to not upgrading all those weapons that also make the weapons weaker.

So NOT weakening your classes, troops, or weapons is now an EXPLOIT?!?!! 🤦


If you’re in Bracket 1, then I could understand leaving Bandit not fully traited. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth giving up a kingdom star just for a few more defense wins. I’m only in Bracket 4 on Xbox and Guild Wars is not my guild’s main priority, so for me it’s an easy choice to fully trait Bandit for an extra star. I do agree though that Stealthy needs to be replaced with something else, as unlocking a trait should never be a downgrade in any way. Ditto for weapon affixes.


I’d suggest to swap Stealth from bandit into something more passive:

“Gain Camouflage after Casting” or “Gain Camouflage after dealing skull damage”

Camouflage - unit cannot be targeted by spells (unless there’s no other target). Effect lasts until this unit attacks or casts.


This would be my ideal solution. I’m so sick of the giant spider and bandit summons in pvp(yes I play pvp sue me).

But if they’re not removing it then stealthy needs to stay on bandit.

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Sorry, my bandit is downgraded, you still can’t target my stealthy hero.

Is it just the die hards that still play PVP that don’t want Bandit changed? Despite you know… The game pushing you away from pvp as much as possible?

I’m sure players would be thrilled about even more such interesting decisions. Like each day you log in the game shows you two troops from your roster, pick one to keep, all copies of the other one get disenchanted. Fits your vision perfectly, although the rush might rather be players looking for reasonably designed collection based games instead.


Another option would be to let the Backup talent summon untraited Bandits, then it could keep the Stealthy trait for whoever wants to field it directly.


Damn, don’t be so over dramatic.

Let’s give him agile instead and all is good now