😈Unrepentant (29/30)😈☠️Ranked 3rd in Growth(Guild Lvl 630 #11)☠️

Hello recruits! If you are looking for an extremely active guild with competitive requirements and a tight knit core group look no further. 

We are Unrepentant and are looking for recruits to help us push for TOP 10 (Ranked 3rd in weekly growth for the month of March ) :

 -1,500 seals (we complete 40k seals every week)

    -500,000 gold weekly (our week ends Saturday)
        -300 Trophys weekly ( most members Donate over 1Million)

             - kingdoms all level 10 ( purgatory **or our new guild Abaddon** is an option to level your kingdoms first then move to unrepentant )
                   -communication and organization (discord is a must)

DISCORD: www.Discord.gg/Zj9dVhz
FACEBOOK: The Unholy Family GOW

<< We are guild level 630 and #11the Guild Boards. >>

  • It takes just hours in the wee hours of the morning on Monday for us to finish all basic tasks!

     - we encourage members to save their gold for reset
         - we try to complete more legendaries every week
           - we have goals and delegate which color donate 
                Every week until we get to legendaries!
             - our record for legendary tasks is (34)!!! **Approximately 60 million gold donated**
               - promotions offered to over acheivers (we have
                   A ranked guideline on our  Discord and FB page)

    Please note these are minimum requirements, the majority of our members like to contribute more trophys and more gold because we are seeking glory! That wraps up the mantra of our guild and what we want to get done! All of our spots are full (30/30) but if you have an urge to join us feel free to post on our recruitment page so I can add you to UNHOLY FAMILY. We will need veteran recruits now that we are Live with new requirements:

JOIN THE QUEUE post your level and your handle and I will add you !

~~Pabloskee/Jazzin/Legion/The Freak//Gauthus/Mayra~

*Purgatory has had overwhelming success for a no requirement guild; they will reach top 100 in a few weeks! We would like to bridge the gap: Abaddon is our new competitive guilds! Gauthus and I will be coordinating development of our new guild. So we need recruits! REQs: 150T/100k/1000seals
**we normally complete 20 legendary task at a minimum! To put this on context; all Grand viziers are ranked by their contributions which is > 2,000,000 gold on a regular basis. We are competitive!
*** We have gone from #135 to #12in the Guild boards since 6 months ago roughly; we’re making a push for GLORY!
**** keep in touch if you want in! Post a message on our forum to Join the queue… we also have a discord server for live updates on open spots! www.Discord.gg/Zj9dVhz
*****20 members regularly donating over one million in gold; we’re looking for high activity recruits :sunglasses:

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Glad to join, thanks for having me. You were just what I was looking for.

None of the Above

Nice to have you none of the above!

I see we have another opening. I hope we fill it soon.

Hey there! SO glad to see Unrepentant in top guilds…where it always was to me. Tell them that litletre popped in to say what’s up, miss them all terribly. Pm me when you got open spot for me to say hello

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Glad to have you back! I see our guild founder fancys a visit with unrepentant but his plebeians would rather see him stick with us for good :wink:

Thanks Pablo (:, it wss nice to see everyone, and to see how much it has grown! Ill be staying in sister guild, Purgatory, and helping any way i can to promote it and get its roots down.

Need to purchase a new laptop and I’ll be right rheee with you when I make a second account; excited about puragatory !

Sweet! Looking forward to seeing you there

Not everyone at once please xD

I remember that one

One spot available folkd

Two spots available !

Hey there,

I’m 99 and doing really well with my Dragon Soul Team and getting better all the time.

I regularly donate at least 120k/1500/300
But my current guild isn’t as active as it used to be and I don’t want to feel like my donations and efforts are wasted.

Let me know if I could be a fit for your guild.


Hello Collins unfortunately you may be a little green for Unrepentant as our reqs are 500k 300 trophys; however, we started our sister guild Purgatory a month ago and already hasve a full active community completing several tasks a week. This is our developmental guild and is right up your alley! You have an opportunity to show us if your ready for unrepentant whilst leveling all your kingdoms to 10 (another requirement of ours at unrepentant is to have all your kingdoms maxed) @litletre is our charasmatic GM for purgatory and has a fantastic group of hopefuls. We think you are another one of those hopefuls :wink:

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[REVISED & IMPROVED] "Purgatory" The newly formed sister guild of Unrepentant is looking for passionate players of all stages, casual ok. Looking for a guild? Apply here! This is a link to our sister guild purgatory; I believe they are full but Lit is doing some moving around this week I beleive… feel free to post on the space if you are interested! Good luck friend!

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Another one joins the team :slight_smile:

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One more spot folks they’re going like hot cakes :joy:

No spots available please feel free to post on our thread if you want to join our queue. Our new reqs are going live in two weeks and in anticipation we may have to move older less active members down to purgatory … so that means we will have spots before or on the date of jan 15! P money out :fire:

Lvl 700+ here, looking for an active environment. Your upcoming new requirements got me interested, you seem like a guild willing to really push forward, so let’s go, queue me up!