😈Unrepentant (29/30)😈☠️Ranked 3rd in Growth(Guild Lvl 630 #11)☠️


You are queued friend! Hopefully we find a spot for you by Sunday if not I will keep you updated!


Thank you very much.


two hours after reset… (only 12 member donations) 1st legendary will happen before noon… join the queue @litletre


We have one spot available… looking for a high preforming vet to fit in with the rest of our stellar recruits :slight_smile:


On our 12th legendary for a week and it’s only Wednesday.When I joined 7 weeks ago, we were ranked 50. Now we’re ranked 27.


Congrats you guys reaching 27 :O. Really respect all you guys/gals for pushing the limit each week! I also heard you guys finish ALL tasks within hrs! That’s incredible


Thanks lit! I really appreciate it. I hear you guys are getting some white hairs trying to get the best people in! That’s a great problem to have! I actually got pmed by a guy who is a low level but EXTREMELY active I told him we have a requirement of having all kingdoms leveled… I referred him to purgatory; I told him you guys may be full but he’s a good one to seek if a recruit doesn’t work out in purgatory


I actually have1 spot :smiley: he can pm me or llucian

Good looking out man :slight_smile:


16 legendaries last week with one Vancancy and someone on vacation… c’mon guys! If you want a slice of this pie drop a message; lemme know your level and your handle! :smiling_imp:


it has become a rat race in our clan… with ratbox leading the pack! Cheers to the best week for the unholy family :slight_smile:


We are full at the moment… leave a post with your level and handle and I’ll add you to the queue


Hi, I am Lv 154, really active.
I am looking for a more active guild cos where I am now I ran into 4th place as total donations after a month only, with almost 2 milions.
I have full Legendary teams of Pirates, Dragons and Divine. In total I have 56 different legendary and “Death”.
My best team power is 6.2k and still growing ^^
If U wanna consider me, I’ll be really glad to join.
Thx a lot.


@ZetaNicco hello zeta I could perhaps find a spot for you in our sister guild Purgatory? We require everyone to have their kingdoms at level 10. We could get you in purgatory while you level up your kingdoms


As a matter of fact i just got an opening :slight_smile: would love to have you part of the Unholy Family, PURGATORY


I have anxiety so I have not been at work for a year and all I do is play gems of war most of my day. I got to rank 264 in a couple months. I have upgraded almost all my kingdoms. I have a few teams that win in under a minute on pvp against any team (almost) I make around 300000 gold in a day to contribute to the guild. I am a serious gamer looking for a high ranked clan. My invite code is LOCKPICKED plz sent me invite if you are interested in me helping your guild. I am 28 years old.


Still looking ? Just got your post we can make a spot for you if you still want in


You are in a guild and cannot send a invite, LOCKPICKED


We are working on our 19th legendary task this week on Wednesday. That’s a new record; Unholy family on the grind :money_mouth_face:


Hello gemers, Unrepentant will have atleast one spot open before reset. Shoot me a message if you want in the unholy family :smiling_imp: Additionally; we capped off our week by completing 21 legendary tasks… that’s about 37 million donated this week :blush:


I would like to join.
I’m level 1000+ and can offer 1500 seals 500K+ gold and 300+ trophies each week. Last 2 weeks I donated over a million gold