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Universal refund & individual refund tokens

I would love if there was a purchaseable item, around 5-10$ that would reset all your spent souls and traitstones. I know I didn’t go exactly the way path I wanted while leveling, and especially before gold leveled up your cities and it was leveling troops that got your cities levels.

I would love to be able to reset my allocations. And would pay money for it.

Additionally I would love to have individual refund tokens available for individual troops for a modest gem fee. Although I understand that could disrupt the economy quite a bit.


I would like it to be a smaller scale feature that wasn’t paid. As in, refund troop whenever. But I think that’s a stretch …

Y’know, things like ‘I wish I hadn’t spent all these Blue/Purple traitstones just to 5-star this kingdom that no longer needs the troop’ …


As a mid-core (thanks for that term @Lyya) player mine is more “I wish I hadn’t spent all those souls on troops I didn’t need to level” and “I wish I had planned my traitstones out better”.


Maybe have something like one free refund a week, any troop.

I would prefer both:
A universal reset for money

Individual reset tokens earn able in game through gems or done such.

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I second this idea. It would be a great way to keep the game interesting for players. I think many of us are sick of grinding souls and traitstones to level a team that you think will kick butt, only for it to fail, not to mention the sheer awesomeness of being able to field wacky teams then just reclaim the resources and build a new one. :slight_smile:
When I was starting out, I fully leveled each one of my 16 legendaries only to end up using a The Anointed one, Alchemist, Banshee, Valkyrie team. I thought gold cards were awesome and now I’m desperate to start some new teams, only I lack souls/trait stones. :frowning:

Why not make it worth gems? The gems can be gotten free but can also be bought. This prevents those nasty pay to win people showing up and claiming unfairity.

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Having a single troop refund available for gems would help a ton. Specifically, I’d be able to actually spend my traitstones instead of hoarding them to go toward a troop I don’t even have yet. Once you reach mid level, many troops aren’t viable without all their traits. This would both give another outlet to gems in the economy and allow me at least the option to test how effective a certain team is with traits instead of just raw speculation, taking a gem cost rather than what could be weeks (or even months if I dont straight target farm/event week) to recoup my arcanes and try something else. Whats even better is that a single troop refund feature already exists, just given for free for specific troops on specific weeks (ie., after they are nerfed).

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Keep in mind, in my head I don’t see this as a thing that’s easy to get or do. Something that you have to grind for or spend gems on.

That is a good point, the team is about 10 people so it would take a while to update the current one but it from the way it works right now should be easy. With it costing gems it would be hard for not map using teams and non-high guild users.

I’m in agreement here. Specifically I’d like gems. They can be bought with money if necessary and F2P wise tend to take a while to accumulate except in the top guilds. Currently, there is no way to get Arcanes aside from whatever they are offering that specific week aside from grinding challenges for hours on end. Even cash will only buy specific ones they are offering. While the resource is rare and slow to gain in the first place, being able to respec something to test something else out just for the fun of it would be nice.

I’m sitting on tons of arcanes because fully traiting something is just too much of a commitment when if it turns out to be a dud, often the only avenue to get more stones to test out on something else is at that point the second most boring thing the game has to offer (right behind Treasure Hunt). Offering a gems, or even a low cost single paid reset would be a huge quality of life upgrade to me. Most of the time, I would likely keep the stones where they were after using them, but simply having it there for peace of mind would make using, say, up to 90% of my total resources instead of committing as little as possible (and there are a few things I would refund as soon as the feature went live).

I did this for a very long time! It’s sad because it feels like detracting from a major part of the game.

I think a 1 time use respec token costing 30-50 gems, and a full account respec for 10-15$.


The problem with one-time refund tokens for individual troops is that if they are not expensive enough they break the traitstone economy.

Perhaps a sliding scale based on rarity?

Commons start at 5 gems, and it goes up 5 gems per rarity?

for the mistakes ive made, this seems cheap, because I DIDNT hoard them!

I DID hoard mine, and I STILL felt like I did something wrong.

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I’m in the same boat. Arcane stones are so rare that I’m hesitant to even use them.

In this thread, we self-identify as the JRPG players who had 99 of every healing potion at the end of the game, because you never know when battles might get hard and you’ll need them.