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Over Powered Shadow Dragon and a Nerf Bat

Ok Darkfall is like the most over powered ability in the entire game, given like 2 hours in a single match, he can easily rack up over 750 attack this is madness I say and something must be done about it…

Okay truth be told this post is quite a man from the red light district (this comment is out of place for a metal head) but I didn’t have Infernal King when the Purple/Yellow traitstone was available for Glory and I did have Shadow Dragon so I acted on the short term and traited him up instead of waiting… I would love to see Shadow Dragon nerfed purely so I can refund him to trait up the King…

If there is anyone out there who can prove that the Dragon is in dire need or “Normalization” then I will find a very boom box outside the windowesc way of repayment


Shadow Dragon has the coolest art in the game. Nerf pls. Kthx


Boombox on the way (please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, no P.O.Boxes please)


I can appreciate wanting to retrait stuff…but I thought you were starting another NERF X post, so I can move along now…


Points for trying, but SD is awesome and needs no nerfing or refunds.

Off you go to grind Divinion Plains for Arcanes… :stuck_out_tongue:

What she said.

Can I get an “I’m a dumdum and didn’t think things through” refund? A win for me will be a win for impulse traiters all over Krystara I’m a victim of ADD :wink:

“It was a one time thing, I wasn’t sure I would live long enough to get an Inferno King, I was quarter aged, desperate, needed the money”

Oh man. Don’t beg. It’s embarrassing.


Sorry @Lyya I’m just joking, thought it was funny in the moment, I actually have 4 different combos of purple that are ready to be traited so I just might buy 2 purple packs and trait up all 4, I get paid Thursday and saving is overrated

Things in my head often sound very funny, sarcasm however and frantic vocal pitch changes don’t convey well via text

We should give shadow a buff, this can also lead to a refund.

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I’ll stick with my original “nerf” and suggest we get a holy armor trait that causes all true damage to hit armor first. That would fix all true damage instantly without nerfing any of them directly.

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Which would not result in a refund on Shadow Dragon which is all the OP actually wants :wink:


Like in this topic:

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