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Refund troop request and some options (poll)

Hi all - i would really like to be able to reset all my troops and i am willing to pay real money or a lot of gems for it. I’ve been playing for over a year and a half and have made some stupid choices specially after traits came out.

My guild and i were chatting and they were less willing for a full reset because of the time it would take to re-level all the different troops with souls. So, i began to ask myself… what would people want… so i came up with this poll.

  • 1 button - refund all souls and trait stones
  • 2 buttons - refund all souls, refund all trait stones
  • refund all troops that have a certain color trait stone
  • refund all troops of a certain kingdom

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Depending on options - i wondered if people would be willing to pay real money or if they would be willing to pay gems (enough to reduce abuse - because lets face it, re-traiting 200 troops would be a pain in the rear, let alone re-lvling up those troops as well)

We discussed this in the guild, but I figured I’d put my opinion here as well. I think the best option for everyone involved would be to enable the “refund” button currently used for nerfed troops for all troops, but add a gem cost for using it (with nerfed refund troops then being “free” to refund that week). This would allow a free to play option and a pay option (since it costs gems, which are purchasable), reduce the need to add additional infrastructure for the devs (the refund button already exists and the code for refunding already exists), and reduce the need for players to click a billion times to get back the stuff they didn’t need refunded. I would, personally, be willing to pay a small cash fee for a single reset (or for a bundle of x number of single use “reset tokens”).

I would be less likely to use this feature if it required me to mass refund troops because of the sheer time and clicks involved just to get my kingdom stars back. For single refunds, I can think of a couple troops that just aren’t working out that I would like my traitstones back so I can try other options, and if the feature exists, it would allow me to more freely use my traitstones with the understanding that I would have to pay to reverse a decision that didn’t pan out, but I wouldnt be stuck with it.

forgot refund 1 troop :frowning: my bad :slight_smile:

This is the third, I think, post on this topic…

Here is mine which I posted last week:

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yep. is what made me ask my guild, wasnt sure if feature request or pc chat would be better for the poll… decided feature since its not in game yet. and i wanted the poll at the top of the post.

I would go with a “Refund on One Troop” button and pay gems or a bit of IRL money.


I would prefer with gems as they can be bought with money, by making the troops hide behind a paywall with irl money it could get the pay to win mob on us and i prefer not being there for that.