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Unable to progress Quest after game crash

On ps4, same psn as username.

Had completed a quest in Khaziel as Day Change happened, got notified about lil freedom during the rewards screen. The game crashed. Sent error report on Playstation. Loaded the game back up and in Khaziel it says “Quest Progress: 31/35” but when I go to proceed it says “There are no available quests in this Kingdom.”

The same thing happened to me on Xbox, I completed the whole quest in one go and my income per hour went up to 145 per hour, I turned the game off and came back on about 12 hours later my income had gone down by 10 and the quest line is stuck on 31/35, I’m sure before I did the quest it said 0/31 so maybe it’s just an error but don’t know why my income per hour went down…

same here and I am on PC lol…quest progress 31/35