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TURUTISM is recruiting. LVL 69 Elite II guild

I recently took over as guildmaster & kicked a bunch of inactives. Looking to fill a bunch of spots & hopefully break top 50. No requirements other than staying active.

I’m interested in joining if the offer still stands

Yes. If you can, search TURUTISM, no invite required. (I’m not sure if you
can still search by guild name). If not, send me your invite code & I’ll
get an invite sent in a couple minutes.

My invite code is PYRONOTIC_TXBR

Should I quit my old quild before you invite me

It’s telling me that you’re still in a guild. If you just left, you may
need to restart the game??

I haven’t left yet. I just did try again

Have you sent it or am I gonna have to restart the game

Invite sent.

You’re in!! Welcome. As you can see, there’s spots open. Feel free to
recruit, I want to get back to 30 ACTIVE members, and start trying for top

It not only shows you in the guild, but I promoted you in case you want to
recruit anyone.