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Xbox One Guild ranked 5th is now recruiting

Our guild is called Terhra . We are looking to get ranked 2nd. We are currently 5th.

If you would like to join a guild working it’s way to the top, drop your guild and post your invite code.

Our requirement is that you contribute and help us make it to number 2!

GROMMEN lvl 144

Ace Phoenyx level 50, recently came back and am now playing daily (and will be till I finish all achievements at the least)

Invite code: Feegert

Level: 76

I’ve been hitting rank 1 every week and love doing arena runs so tons of trophies and gold. I contribute 5K to 10k everyday to the guild and sometimes more if I’m spamming the arena. I would love to be in an active guild.

What level is your guild?

I’m currently in “French Connexion”. The guild is level 44. I joined because it was rank 2 back in the day, but now I’m the only active person in the guild besides one admin who isn’t actively recruiting or kicking dead weight.

I’ll be checking back on this thread everyday to check for reply. If you want to invite me (yay!) then I’ll leave my current guild but the invite won’t work until then. If you are full just let me know so I can keep looking, thanks for the read.

In game name Hobo, Invite code: HOBO_4JML

Level: 117

Can contribute 50k+ weekly, active Pvp player (100 - 150 trophies weekly), I would love to join your guild. Currently in THC Warriors, 48. guild.

I tried to add you and you are still in another guild.

I removed the requirement for invite only and you can join without an invite. I will close this window in 48 hours.


Please send another invite, I left my current, not exactly sure how to join a a certain guild.