TUF: Unrepentant, Rank #7, Guild Wars Br.1-2 is recruiting! (500k,300T) 80LTs this week!

Ever wanted to see what it feels like being in a top 10 guild that is on the rise? Your opportunity might just have come! TUF: Unrepentant is looking for someone to join our ranks and help our push into the top 5 of the trophy leaderboards. With the guild being #3 in the top 50 weekly trophies and 80 LTs dropped this week (30-40 on average), you kind of already missed out on some of the fun, but do you really want to miss anymore? Message us on our Discord at The Unholy Family, spots are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis so grab your spot before someone else steals it from you! Reqs are 500k, 300T, and 30GW battles with the option to move to TUF guilds in the future that have less requirements if life hits you from time to time.


Our GW are mandatory, but you can use any team that suits you. I am not great at GW, sometimes I go full on color, sometimes I use my go-to team. Everyone helps out if you need it though, for teams, soulforging, tips tricks and yeah sometimes even complaining how things are broken. We laugh, have fun and most of all try to find what makes the game tick for every player. Join TUF!