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Looking for new competitive gw guild

Currently member of power gems (gw bracket 1) last week saw the collapse of the guild and lots of members leave. Stuck around for a week but the competitive edge had gone from guild. Looking for a b1 gw guild, very competitive and can do high requirements (out of personal choice) would consider a b2 guild that is looking to push for b1 couple other members of power gems would also be open to joining if few spaces open.


Hi @KEMPERS, we would be happy to make a spot for you (and possibly 1-2 of your guild mates) at Últimos Guardianes. Our requirements are not sky high (seals and 250 trophies), we’re focused on the GWs and pushing to get into bracket one. Just let me or @VortexGZ know if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

Damn, looks like 3.1 will get known as the Guild Killer patch. We’ve also had many long time players quit and have been struggling to recover. I’d offer you a spot in Tigerclaw, we are quite content to remain in bracket 2 though, and we’ve even dropped a bracket due to mid-week vacancies. Wish you luck, there’s bound to be a b1 guild left looking for members.

Solophobia has a spot or two. Pm if interested


If interested, please join our Discord Server https://discord.gg/ejpZtek or add me on discord A.W.Ryan#6052

BTW… We were down one person for half the week and still barely missed out on being in Bracket 1 tomorrow. Just FYI


@KEMPERS #7/GWB2 TUF: Unrepentant is looking for solid players if you can meet the other reqs. We can reach Bracket 1 again together if we can add a couple more who strive to win in GW.

Join our Discord server: http://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz