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TrueAchievementElite (#10 Xbox guild) recruiting

TrueAchievementElite is now recruiting - We are a team based on the website Trueachievements.com, and thus far have not needed to come here to recruit - however, we currently have 3 spots open so thought we would reach out to the official forums and start a thread. (update: currently full)

We consider ourselves a pretty casual guild, at least compared to the other top guilds, but we are still serious about our rewards. It’s a good guild for those that like to contribute a lot, but the requirements for other guilds are just a little to high for your level of play, or hardcore players that like to take it easy some weeks and don’t need to feel pressured into playing more than they want. That being said, we have some members who donate WELL above the requirements so we have some very hardcore players as well.

Our official guild thread is located at https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=803894

If you want, you can create an account there and post to join, otherwise post here with your invite code and I can get you an invite within a few hours.

Our requirements are:

Level 300+

Gold Donations - As follows based on current ranking in the Guild. (This is subject to increase based on guild needs / demands)

Rank 1 & 2 (Dragon King & Dragon Prince) - 750,000 per week
Rank 3 (Drake Lord) -5300,000 per week (Required for level 300+)
Rank 4 (Wyvern Knight) - 350,000 per week
Rank 5 (Wyrmling) - 200,000 per week

Guild Seals - 1000 per week minimum, but it’s extremely rare we don’t hit 40k by the end of the week.

GW Battles - 20 per person

We don’t have a trophy requirement, but we still manage a good amount of trophies every week from players playing PvP in order to get gold and seals. Based on the current leaderboard it looks like we are likely to stay ranked #7 for the foreseeable future.

Donation exchange for being under your required seal amount – Increase of 50,000 gold per 100 seal shortage. (minimum number of seals must be 500 though)

All but 10 of our players are over level 300 in the guild, and all but 1 is over level 100, so the lower rank requirements don’t apply to the majority of our members. We hit 40k seals this week, and we’ve hit 40k one previous week, but usually we fall a few thousand short - this is why we will be giving priority to any members who can guarantee to meet the Rank 2 requirements to help us reach 40k more regularly. Our guild level is somewhere around 330 (not in front of my console now so can’t check) which translates to very good passive bonuses - probably better than any guild ranked lower than us.

We do not boot anyone from the guild without prior notice and warning about failing to meet requirements, and people who are traveling or whatnot just need to message the guild owner and we will mark you as exempt until you return.

I am interested in your guild. Tried to register at TrueAchievements, but I don’t have(or want) a public profile so it would not let me. If that is a deal breaker then I will try another guild.

Like I said, registration on the site is not required. Just post your invite code and let me know your gamertag so we can communicate with you in addition to guild chat, and I will invite you in about 2 hours when I get home. Please remember it won’t let me invite you if you are already in a guild when I try and send an invite, so leave your current guild first.


No longer in a guild.

Thanks for your time.

Great, I’ll send you an invite in about an hour and a half. What’s your gamertag?


Yeah - it is great, but microsoft would not let me reuse mine from the Xbox360.

I just sent you an invite. Welcome!

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Thanks I will go try it.

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I’m a weenie level 57. Should I wait until I hit 100 to apply to y’all? :slight_smile: It shouldn’t be too long!

While people at any level can join, in my experience it is very hard for players lower than 100 to meet the requirements. Even players over 100 have trouble meeting the requirements based on past guild history of people who have left/been booted. So my advice to you would be to join another guild and after you become more established and the requirements don’t seem too bad, re-apply.

Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

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We have 1 spot open right now (2 actually, but we have a ghost member currently and a support ticket has been filed to address this).

Seeing as we only have 4 members under level 200, I’m going to go ahead and restrict new membership to only those over level 200 at this time.

Hi there I am interested in your guild too. My lvl is 280 and i would be pretty happy to become a part of your guild :slight_smile: WESKER_QCK9

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Greetings, invite sent.

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thx :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping an eye on this Zach, I can’t get to the console as soon as I would like while I’m at work

The ghost has been busted, one spot open now.

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Can I get in? Contribute a lot. Do you have a spot?

We just filled our last spot earlier today, but I have a very strong feeling we will be kicking 1 member on Sunday for not meeting goals, if you want to wait a couple days.

ok ill wait till sunday…thanks a lot.