🔥 Troop List per Arcane Stone (Ended: 16.07.18, Reason: Lack of interests)


and I only bought like 3 bone dragon bundles since it switched to bundles from single troop midweek for us… i don’t think we get another brown/purple event til bunni’nog… ill probably have a few more greys before console gets him…


You know what’s missing from this? Classes…


Also are t the imps 18 instead of sixteen?


Eika’s mentioned before that they don’t feel Classes fit with this guide.

Just treat classes like Legendary troops. With +2 added on to single mana classes like the imps.


That’s true, but since there has been a few that has wanted me to add classes I added the classes in the bottom. :slight_smile: Correct me if there is any mistakes. cheers!


GoW Wiki says its 16 arcanes for the Imps. Havent traited any yet here, so if anyone could confirm it, it would be good.


I’ve been using this. Should still be current.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


It came from another thread on the forums.


Its probably right. All Imps has now been edited to 18 arcanes.


Correction: It should only be 16 for double traitstone classes. (Like normal legendary troops.)


You meant classes that takes two colored arcane stones. Thanks, its edited now. :slight_smile:


The list has now been updated with the new troops from the new kingdom + the first mythic, let me know if I put something in wrongly.


The list has been updated. Don’t forget that the Vampire Lords mana has been changed from Red/Yellow to Purple/Brown. Let me know if you see any errors with the list.



Thank you for doing this!


Thank you. Glad to hear that you find it useful. :slight_smile:


I keep this page bookmarked and reference it weekly!


Bump for the weekly event


I have sent a request to @Nimhain and @Sirrian about adding a pin to this thread, but looks like they have been busy and/or forgot to add a pin, hopefully they will have time to add a pin, soon. Would be great. :slight_smile:


This is brilliant. Going on to the favourites