Poison stone - units

Hi all!
Which units need the secret poison stones from the current event?
Is there a possibility to select this?


VENOM - Purple/Green(248) - Exploring: Bright Forest & Zhul'Kari
Asha E 12
Baba Yaga 12
Boar Rider 2
Dark Priestess 3
Dark Song E 12
Dragonette 2
Hag 2
Kraken L 16
Marsh Strangler 2
Nyx 3
Orbweaver CL 16
Owleth 2
Pixie 2
Plague M 21 (+ 21 Swamp)
Sea Troll E 12
Siren 2
Sol’Zara L 16
Spider Queen 3
Spirit Fox 3
Spiritmane 3
Star Gazer 2
Tezca 12
Thorn Knight 3
Tyri E 12
Tzathoth E 12
Unicorn 3
Venoxia L 16
Wulfgarok M 21 (+ 21 Beast)
Yasmine’s Chosen M 21 (+ 21 Forest)


Thanks a lot!

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Also if u wanna try to find most of the troops that uses Arcane Venom you can select the green and purple mana in the filter menu, as well as ‘All Colors’. Then they will come up. Also click ‘Show All’ in the bottom of the filter if you are missing someone, for all to show up.

Edit: Sometimes a Mythic might show up that uses both of the given colors but still does not use the given Arcane, in this case Queen Aurora, she is using Arcane Light and Plains.


Don’t forget that the GOWDB site can show you every troop and Hero class that uses a certain traitstone, and if you link your account it’ll even tell you which of your current units still need that traitstone.