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Treasure Hunt high scores 1.0.9 (screenshots)

I got 4 vaults and 20000+ a few times. But today… everything really went right!

Don’t know if I will ever do it again!

I got 9 floaty castles in Triple Town a few years ago, so I guess the skills transfer.


Those rewards do not seem as good as the number of vaults would suggest. However those trait stones look mighty nice.

The big reward from treasure hunting is keys, which in this case are effectively an extra 18 gems and 180 glory.

But really, if you want to maximise rewards it’s probably better to play a bit faster rather than try for the perfect treasure hunt!

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What do you think of having a weekly Treasure Hunt leaderboard with some rewards giving out for the top group of players. Obviously, they don’t have to be as generous as the PvP Event.

It seems some players reply enjoy this mode. Why not give them something to strive for and brag about?

PS: This is not for me, I rarely play TH.


That would actually be a kickass idea.

We actually would like to add Leaderboards to the Treasure Hunt game in the future.


wow. just wow.

but the really unbelievable part is, after all that, just 1 gem??!!??

Oh great, something else for me to be in 19000th place on… :cry:


Did you try to lose all your battles in pvp last week too?

Some more necro on this thread. Its no 287 but its close.

Funny thing is I only needed another 7 of those event gem things.


How many folks played this week’s Event with the Treasure Map to get the additional Rewards?

I noticed something - wasn’t sure if it was me or what, but the amount of Gold I was getting even for smaller number of final moves seemed to increase.

I mean I had one that was only 34 moves make 764 in gold.

Does the Difficulty Level play into how much gold you get for Treasure maps (On Warlord 3).

And how many folks finished this week’s Event quest - took me over 65 maps but was able to get to 250.

Some great achievements posted in here. Managed to achieve my personal best this week with 3 safes and 153 moves :slight_smile:


Worth remembering that lower amounts of moves means less matches, meaning you end up with more coins and sacks on the board, meaning greater chance of getting gold from them (as opposed to other rewards possible at higher types)

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I would normally agree with you Ozball but this is different. I noticed it about 1/2 way through the event I was making more gold than normal (and I was getting my 50-80 moves in regularly) than I was in soul farming and spent more time doing the event than farming. I managed to get a whole kingdom’s up to 10th because of this ‘change’

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Lol. Necromancers make me happy :smile:

Nice score btw… looks like it held back on the keys though :confused:

Come by and check out the new Map Score Page since the 2.0 Update.
Come Share your Screen Shots with us. :grinning:

Hi peoploids,

My best game is 467 moves, and I uploaded a video on Youtube so there wouldn’t be any “screenshot doubt” : https://youtu.be/l3Bqo-n7jFc

The end screenshot is :

I posted a few other games too… on steam :

Cheers, Booga.



Here’s my new record : 496 moves, 9 vaults.
Video at : https://youtu.be/DQNXyL6eI24
Screenshot is :


Hold macaroni!

Holy Bananas, well done! :grin: