Treasure Hunt - Alt Challenges

Does anyone do any other goal orientated versions of Treasure Hunt.

Back in the original days, it was how high a turns remaining could you get (before they added in a turn counter).

Then it was, how high a turn counter.

Does anyone do any other alt challenges.

I’m fixated on most Green Chest no Red+ atm. Sitting at 16 as the record I am holding.

Would be interested in hearing other alt challenges people have put on themselves, perhaps even create a TH alt % community where we do weekly or monthly style alt challenges.

Current 16 green chest -
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My usual challenge is to just get 1 money safe and call it a day. Can’t say I’ve set any “creative” goals like you have, though.

Safes I havent done for a while, I think 5 was my best, can can only find a 4 safe screenshot for the time being.
I also remember spending alot of time trying to line up three safes, only to find out that it didnt do anything special when I managed to get them in a row :frowning:

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