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Treant's spell removes Entangled on use

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
-When using Treant’s spell if he is entangled i was expecting him to stay entangled, but instead he instantly removes this negative status
What are the steps to make it happen again?
-Fight some troop that entangles the enemy, like that Flesh Golem on Ghulvania, have Treant’s spell prepared to cast after he becomes entangled, the spell will work and the entangled will be removed.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

  • No screenshot or videos, but i’ve made sure that it happens while i’m farming traitstones on Ghulvania. I have however a theory: I think the problem is that, since Entangled is a negative effect that turns your attack to zero, any effect that gives attack to the troop would override the negative status since the attack is increased to a new value, that is not zero. I’m gonna test it with Sunweaver to see what happens.

Attack gain of any kind removes entangle off a troop, it is undocumented in the spell description but is commonly accepted as a counter to entangle afaik.


It’s a bug as fast as I’m concerned.


Yeah i’ve just confirmed that any attack gain removes Entangled, used Sunweaver for it. Well, it kind of makes some sense since the troop gets stronger and breaks free of whatever is entangling it (vines, chains, cobweb…), but if it’ll remain a counter to Entangled or fixed as an assumed bug we will have to wait and see.

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For what it’s worth, on console, if you use an atk booster while entangled, that troop’s atk stays at 0 and you don’t receive the boost after entangle wears off either.


It’s a good input @Shiratori, i think the troop could remain Entangled on both versions, but the attack skill should be increased and be correctly applied for when Entangled wears off. Or the console should follow the PC/Mobile and any attack increase should cleanse the troop of this effect.

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Sounds like it was implemented correctly on console then… On PC/iO, it’s bugged… and so any attack gain, even a little +1 from Frenzy trait, cleanses Entangle… which is not satisfactory…

Try Entangling a fully traited Great Maw to stop it devouring you on attack… only to have Frenzy lift the Entangle straight away when you damage it…


Hmm, but does it stop the devouring anyway? I mean if you succeed at keeping the Maw entangled can’t it still devour on attack even without doing any damage? I haven’t tested it and I’m not even sure how it was intended, but Maw is sooo bugged that I’d be surprised if it worked that way in this particular case…

No, if entangled and 3 skulls match, the Maw doesn’t make an attack and so the 15% devour chance can’t trigger… at least, have never seen it do so, and it has a different attack animation when it skips the attack this way…

If 4 skulls are matched, Maw attacks dealing only 1 damage but the 15% can proc; I have done this to an enemy :smiley: