Traits list in 1.0.8

As a tool to view all traits in 1.0.8, I created a spreadsheet.

Link :

Currently you can filter on the following fields:

  • Code : Name of the traits
  • Activation : When the traits are active
  • Trait Type : Sort traits by type like bonus domage, bonus mana, adjust attack/magic……
  • Description : The effect of the traits
  • Troops possessing this trait : filter by tiping the name of the troop in order to see traits of this troop

Spreadsheet updated 2016.01.06

Here the list of traitstones :

  • Minor Traitstone: Water, Nature, Fire, Wind, Magic, Earth
  • Major Traitstone: Water, Nature, Fire, Wind, Magic, Earth
  • Runic Traitstone: Water, Nature, Fire, Wind, Magic, Earth
  • Arcane Traitstone : Stoic, Swamp, Blood, Blade, Spirit, Shield, Stealth, Beast, Light, Venom, Forest, Rage, Storm, Dark, Lava, Summer, Plains, Moutain, Death, Skull, Deep
  • Celestial Traitstone

And don’t forget to let’s us your composition in 1.0.8 here :

usefull link:

Enjoy :sunglasses:

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Maybe adding costs to unlock?

ok but at this time i don’t have this info

It’s awesome - there will be improvements to make I’m sure once we know a bit more about crafting.

For example, if a Trait has the same crafting recipe on every Troop, the spreadsheet could include the list of traitstones needed, to answer questions like “I have a Stoic Traitstone - given the Troops I like to use, what should I use it on?”

Dust Devil
Sand Shark
The Great Maw

Is that a new kingdom I see? :grinning:


ok lets talk about the rock worm’s and fortress gates’s traits and how unfairly powerful they are for being commons.

Disregard this post

I love how Keghammer starts the party with full mana!

Plus, Dwarves, damn scary. +8 life racial bonus, +8 more if you run 4 of them.

It’s not the party that starts with full mana but the troop with the trait.

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Keghammer is a party of one. He doesn’t need allies on full mana to party.

I played with a Rock Worm team while testing and still lost several times. Fortress Gate… well we felt it could use some love.


I see why you are clarifying that. I was reading it as just Keghammer, but I can see where some others could think the whole team got it.

Use a team with four Keghammers; problem solved.

Having 4 full Keghammers should be able to snipe an enemy troop off the gate. This should prove interesting.


Wait. What? Mega Gorgotha?! What? wat?


It’s the Evolved Gorgotha, he gets traits too it seems.

We had to make sure Mega Gorgotha/ Evolved Gorgotha/ Dat Gorgotha got traits as well, for anyone who hasn’t completed the questline yet.

Now I reeeeeaaally want to fight him again! Battling the Mega Gorgotha with new OP traits? Yes please!

I would also like to take another crack at it, with some of the new teams I’ve come up with since then I’d be interested to know how well they fared against His OPness.

Sadly we can’t do that.

Alastair first traits “Undead Slayer” = 16 Minor Water - 8 Runic Water - 8 Runic Magic
Archon Statue first traits “Undead Slayer” = 12 Minor Earth - 4 Major Earth - 4 Major Nature

The same traits but not the same cost