Traits bug on some cards in french

@Cyrup @Kafka
Since the last update some few cards don’t have the right names and descriptions of their traits in french language. (if I change the language to english, it’s good and when I’m back in french the error is back)
Let me know if I have to reDL the game and delete the save and cache or just need to wait until the next update, thanks.
Here some eg.

Hello VonBarten, thank you for the report!

Does deleting save data and or reinstalling help? The team are aware of this issue but it would be useful to know how this troubleshooting affects the problem so they can investigate it.

ok so I tried to reinstall the game: not working
Then I try to delete the save (both local and cloud) and cache and reinstalling the game: still not working
I hope this will help because it was quite boring
Anyway, thanks Cyrup and I keep you informed

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Okay, I’ll pass that on, thank you… sorry it was boring :laughing:

Just a note that this issue may be resolved within the next 24 hours when the team pushes out some text files. Let me know if you notice any changes @anon43026234 @Rickygervais @VonBarten

no change at the moment, the error is still there

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Hey VonBarten, it looks like this issue might not be something that can be fixed on the server in the short-term. As we’re coming into the holidays there will be some delay with getting back to you on this issue but you can keep up to date with it here. The team has a report for the issue and will investigate it