Trading card system


This si not really a request because …

…but I was just thinking back when I was still at primary school, we used to have trading cards of all sorts. There are a few troops that alludes me now forever. I wish, I wish, I wish, I could trade a 100 cards for that 1 troop to try a team that I have been thinking to use for ages…


They may eventually add some kind of system where masses of cards can be scrapped for ones you don’t have, but a couple months ago they said they have no intention of doing that for about 6 months, if ever.

I myself have 10s of extra legends and epics above mythic, yet don’t have more than 1 of some legends.


You can always disenchant extras for Souls…


The last time that happened, they added ascension. :wink:


Well, that doesn’t help with missing cards in any way…


The devs will be tracking your account mans, yours in particular; the patch will have been ready for a long time, but they will be waiting for the moments you mass disenchant, then a tonne of new rarities will be added, whilst the dev’s chuckle in sadistic glee.


It does, somewhat. The extra souls help level Kingdoms, which increases your tribute, which means you can buy more keys for a chance at getting the Troops you’re missing. :wink: