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Top 400 Guild and Rising (PC)

Chaotic Tide has 2 openings for dedicated players. We have a goal of reaching the top 100 guilds in game and are climbing the global leader boards 50-100 slots every week. We have no minimum participation required, however we do watch contribution daily and those who are not keeping up with the rest of the guild are removed. Our level range is from 52 to 534, but open recruitment is currently set at 70. (We do have 1 member who is 44, but they are a family member of an active player)

Guild members are expected to contribute to 1 guild task at a time, please complete the current one before moving on. Mastery tokens are prioritized over all other rewards.

We offer +100% daily cash bonus of course, upper 20’s in gem mastery and an active chat channel where you can actually make friends.

If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of, inbox me here including your invite code, or locate me on Steam under the name DamageInc (with the eyeball icon) Hope to see you in game!

pc/mobil, xbox, or ps?

I guess I should have said pc =)