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(Recruitment) Chaotic Tide Top 500 Ranked (PC)

We only have 1 expectation, contribute AT LEAST 1 trophy or 100 gold per week. Obviously we want people who will contribute much more than that, but essentially that means that people who do not play will be removed. We are a mix bag of players ranging from level 400+ to 35+ and have a common goal of taking the guild to the the top 100 guilds in game.

We offer mid to high 20s in skill bonuses, 100% daily gold reward, and a very large guild task bonus that is commonly 50-60 keys, 100 souls, 10-20 gems, plus misc extras. Our guild chat channel is also active with people who have made friends in between matches.

Feel free to inbox me your invite code, or find me on Steam at (DamageInc - with the eyeball icon). Currently have 2 open slots with a 3rd person very close to being considered inactive.