Chaotic Tide Recruiting

General Info: We want to have fun and hope you will too! We have a FB group page and a Discord channel. Either or both are encouraged but not required. However, you will need to check guild chat for task assignments. We max at least one task each week and the rest to 8/9. Chests: 20k

  • Guild REQS: Hero rank 100 or higher on the global pvp leader boards. (Current Rank: 123)
  • Minimum weekly contribution: 600-800 seals,100 trophies, 100k gold, due Sunday morning each week, central time zone.
  • Guild Masteries (Statues) Each week, level all statues to rank 8, and then contribute all gold into the mastery/statue that has been designated in guild chat by Schweinebub. You MUST check guild chat for those instructions.
  • Your character level must be 100 or higher.

If you are still leveling kingdoms to 10 an allowance will be made on gold req. However, some donation is appreciated.

Please leave your invite code if you are interested in joining the guild or auto-join. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Moved you to Guild Recruitment for PC. If you’re on Console let me know and I’ll swap you.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: