Chaotic Tide Seeking New Members

General Info: We want to have fun and hope you will too! We have a FB group page and a Discord channel. Either or both are encouraged but not required. However, you will need to check guild chat for task assignments.

  • Guild Goals: Rank 100 or higher on the global pvp leader boards. (Current Rank: 127)
  • Minimum weekly contribution: 600-800 seals and 100 trophies, and 100,000 gold, due Sunday morning each week, central time zone.
  • Guild Masteries (Statues) Each week, level all statues to rank 8, and then focus all gold into the mastery/statue that had been designated in guild chat by Schweinebub. You MUST check guild chat for those instructions.
  • Your character level must be 100 or higher.

Please leave your invite code if you are interested in joining the guild or auto-join. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Hey, I’d like to join your guild. I can guarantee max seals per week. I’m lv. 114, but I just started a few weeks ago, so I only have 8 or so kingdoms at lv. 10. I probably won’t be able to get to 100k gold at first, but I can probably soon. Interested? Code is: FARGOTH. I’ll be checking back here periodically over the next few days in case you reply.

​Fargoth I am willing to invite you. If you have gotten that far in a
short time I have faith that you will soon be able to meet the gold req.
Will you be willing to keep me updated on your progress? I tried to invite
you but it says that you are a member of another guild and need to quit it
first. ​- Isak

I can quit my current guild, but unfortunately I won’t be able to contribute any seals for the week. Quitting now! Will def. keep you updated on progress.

I agree. It is too late in the event to expect seals. Any trophies you can
supply will be welcome. Monday we will be in business :slight_smile: I would
encourage you to join us on FB but it is not required. Please check chat
though for task instructions if and when you can contribute gold. This
guild let me join when I was building my kingdoms and I appreciated it.
Hope that you stick with us thru that! Welcome to the guild.

Fargoth … I posted a code to Discord. It is good only for 24 hours. If
you miss the time period just let me know and I will post another.

That was stupid … I should have posted it here too. duh