Time for a Buff thread

After reading hundreds of Nerf Famine posts perhaps its time for a change.

What if the developers slightly Buffed Desdaemona and added a few additional new troops that are direct hard counters to Daemon troops, Psion, and Especially Famine.



Do some troops need a buff to make it more encouraging to field them? Absolutely, but desdaemonia is fine as she is.

I like it. Desdaemona is already a nearly perfect counter, but 90%+ of the time I find it takes two shots to kill Famine anywhere but GW, and the team I built around her is still touch-and-go against a double-famine lineup. Just a little more base damage on her spell (like 2 points) and she’d be the perfect hard-counter. Maybe that would make it TOO easy, though.

I’m also curious to see what is coming with the resistance to mana-drain that they were talking about.


Time to revive this one?

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The addition of mana shield having immune to mana drain is likely enough counter. All they have to do is just add a few more good mana shield troops after the change, then Famine will slowly fade away.


I am rather for a new Desdemona rework that can one hit kill famine. Than the mana-drain resistance. We should not be needing reiststance/immunity to everything in this game, however counter troops I was always for.


If it is added on to mana shield, that makes that trait a little more widely applicable than just “Mab can’t hurt me”, which would be a good thing. The only way that would get out of hand is if they put that trait on a converter or exploder, since it wouldn’t be great to have a “mana battery” that you couldn’t counter in some way. Oh wait, Valk already has mana shield. So, silence becomes the only way to deal with her. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

The mana shield change will be terrible for the game. It will either be pointless with currently only 9 troops having it and most of them being quite weak or it will make Moloch and other balanced drainers even more situational(if the amount and average quality of troops with manashield gets massively increased) while only slightly dampening Famines Impact who still drains the rest of the team and deals massive damage.


You wrote what I was about to say.

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If this is going to turn into another QQ famine thread…put up a disclaimer so the rational people can immediately mute it like the other 500 threads.

There are already some troops that can combat Famine (or the beast team) effectively. But the issue is not so much an inability to beat them, as the monotony of having to only fight those specific troops the majority of the time. Buffing other offensive troops doesn’t fix this problem. Buffing other DEFENSIVE troops (or making the overused/overpowered defensive troops at the same level as the others) is what’s required. Buffing other offensive troops is a good thing to do but wouldn’t fix the problem of the narrow defensive meta.

That was not the intent at all, i was just saying that i really hope the Devs don’t introduce this change that will harm several troops in a very decisive way just to take a bit of Famines power away. I’d rather have them not touch Famine in any way(coming from me that might tell you something) at all, and not introduce this idiotic kneejerk change to manashield that will only cause harm.

Great points everyone.

I would say though that Desdemona isn’t quite up to par. (close yes) I’m basing that solely on THOUSANDS of Nerf Famine posts. She is rarely brought up into those treads even though she was custom created as a hard counter to Famine and friends.

In addition If there were other specific hard counters that were very effective against Famine this nonsense would move to something else as people would notice they were getting spanked in Defend. (They currently are not, hence Famine for days…).

This is not the solution to diversity in defend but a way to reduce the Famine, Famine, or Famine PvP choice people see.


Pop a GW troop in for 5 extra magic?

And don’t forget desdaemona is only an epic troop at heart, would making her able to one shot a mythic really be a good thing?

If its a specific mythic/troop, yes.


The one that uses green, brown and yellow… It’s name eludes me at the moment. My memory ain’t so great these days… Lol

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Fair enough. That’s why I said the 2 extra points might be “Too easy”.

Hadn’t thought of that, but with only 4 slots on my team and everyone fitting a very specific role, I think I might be cutting off my nose to spite my face if I did that.

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Just add to her skill. If its a Famine, Famine is now dead. But mana cost would needed to be raised 2-3 possibly. At least there would be a counter troop then, I doubt I would had used Desdomona, but its a great option for people. Rather counter troops than nerfs or new immunities…

They’re going to be pretty powerful in certain situations, I’ve traited all of them so far and the only one I can’t do straight away is this week’s reward, the purple one. Got browns ready for the troglodyte. Not sure about blue, probably not because I foolishly wasted them on justice. I did all the guardians for completion reasons.