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Thunderbolts recruitment: guild ranked 714

About The Thunderbolts

Founded on August 20, 2016, by a self-taught warrior rogue with Cerebral Palsy named Raven, the Thunderbolts serve as a mercenary community. Thanks to Raven’s vision of uniting players from around the world during a time of conflict, the Thunderbolts are now thriving in a hidden mountain valley, south of Zhul’Kari. United as a true fighting family, members tend to help each other succeed where others may fail, despite our physical faults. Therefore, they tend to support each other both in-game and offline.

Raven invites you to join and share in this guild’s growth and triumphs.

Recruitment Details

As of right today, we only have NINE slots open for active players (at level 60 or above) that play everyday.

We only ask that you…

  • Be Active (any player inactive for more than 5 days, without notice, will be demoted and after 7 days they will be kicked)

  • Contribute Daily (or at least weekly) with the minimums of 25k gold/500 seals/50 trophies (They increase as you level)

  • Be an active member in-game and on our private forum

Interested? Post or PM me!