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Guild Ranked 1020 is NOW RECRUITING!

About Us:

Even though we may not look like much, we are a very active guild. Founded by a gamer with Cerebral Palsy, we are dedicated to helping each other succeed in Gems of War as well as life.


As of right now we only have SEVEN slots open for active players (at level 60 or above) to play everyday.

We only ask that you…

    Be Active (any player inactive for more than 5 days, without notice, will be demoted and after 7 days they will be kicked)

    Contribute Daily (or at least weekly) with a minimum of 25k gold/500 seals/50 trophies

    Be an active member on our Private forum at http://thunderbolts-r-us.boards.net

Still Recruiting? Level 60 and active…I usually hit number 1 in pvp weekly and I contribute as much as I can

My invite code is


Invited you