Thunder Bolts Recruitment

About Us:

Even though we may not look like much (right now), we are a very active guild. Founded by a gamer with Cerebral Palsy, we are determined to help each other succeed in Gems of War as well as life. In fact, we’ve moved from a 6k rating to a 4k rating within 2 days. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:


As of right now we only have several slots open for active players who are at level 20 or above and play everyday.

We only ask that you…

  1. Be Active (any player inactive for more than 10 days, without notice, will be demoted and after 14 days they will be kicked)

  2. Contribute Daily (or at least weekly)

  3. Be Courteous and Helpful To All (There are no stupid questions!)

To be considered or join, pm me or find me (Raven Mackley) or James (James39) in global chat 001.

Greeting all. I am James and pleased to meet you all. Fairly new but will help where i can. I am on game off and on throughout the day.

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