The Thunder Bolts is recruiting. 200k gold/600 seals/100 trophies [28/30]

Guild (rank #117) looking for members!

##We offer:
Daily gold bonus: +320%
Masteries: +88- +119

Tribute chance bonus: 6%
XP Bonus: 50%
Map turn bonus: +5
Tribute amount bonus:8%
Souls bonus: 50%
Glory bonus: +1

We hit 20k seals weekly.

##Requirements (per week)

  • 200k Gold
  • 600 Seals
  • 100 Trophies
  • 25-30 GW battles
  • At least read the guild chat

Max 10 days of inactivity allowed.

Leave your invite code, your level, how many maxed kindoms do you have.

Bump the topic…

One spot open.

Death 93, 232, all Kingdoms Max

Invite send.

Invite me

Fonk Sayuk

Hi @Fonk. Sorry at that moment can’t. Only one spot was opened.

Currently have 2 spots open.

Bump the topic…

New player looking to change guilds. Hit 1500 seals this week but guild isn’t going anywhere. Level 51 working on maxing kingdoms.

Invite code: NEHOC

Hi @nehoc. Leave your guild first. I’ll send you an invite.

I just left my guild, looking forward to the invite

@nehoc invite send.

Have another spot open? My wife has outgrown her lousy guild, plays every day and can meet those requirements easy. Her invite code is TASHA715 1 (maybe TASHA715_1 if that doesn’t work).

I think she acrltually just left her current guild, so no pressure. :slight_smile:

hi @polyester. Invite to TASHA715_1 send.

Up. 1 spot open.

DCSOUL,45, working on kingdoms but I had already 900 seals and 150 trophies this week, sadly the guild I am in became pretty inactive.

@DcSoul hi. But you need to leave your current guild I can sand you invite.

Just left my guild, thanks for inviting me.

invite send