The Thunder Bolts is recruiting. 200k gold/600 seals/100 trophies [28/30]


Guild (rank #117) looking for members!

##We offer:
Daily gold bonus: +320%
Masteries: +88- +119

Tribute chance bonus: 6%
XP Bonus: 50%
Map turn bonus: +5
Tribute amount bonus:8%
Souls bonus: 50%
Glory bonus: +1

We hit 20k seals weekly.

##Requirements (per week)

  • 200k Gold
  • 600 Seals
  • 100 Trophies
  • 25-30 GW battles
  • At least read the guild chat

Max 10 days of inactivity allowed.

Leave your invite code, your level, how many maxed kindoms do you have.

[JOINED ALREADY] Look for 20k+ seals guild with TWO spots available (we'll do 1k+ seals each)
Looking for guild around 100K/750S/100T (2 players)

Bump the topic…


One spot open.


Death 93, 232, all Kingdoms Max


Invite send.


Invite me

Fonk Sayuk


Hi @Fonk. Sorry at that moment can’t. Only one spot was opened.


Currently have 2 spots open.


Bump the topic…


New player looking to change guilds. Hit 1500 seals this week but guild isn’t going anywhere. Level 51 working on maxing kingdoms.

Invite code: NEHOC


Hi @nehoc. Leave your guild first. I’ll send you an invite.


I just left my guild, looking forward to the invite


@nehoc invite send.


Have another spot open? My wife has outgrown her lousy guild, plays every day and can meet those requirements easy. Her invite code is TASHA715 1 (maybe TASHA715_1 if that doesn’t work).

I think she acrltually just left her current guild, so no pressure. :slight_smile:


hi @polyester. Invite to TASHA715_1 send.


Up. 1 spot open.


DCSOUL,45, working on kingdoms but I had already 900 seals and 150 trophies this week, sadly the guild I am in became pretty inactive.


@DcSoul hi. But you need to leave your current guild I can sand you invite.


Just left my guild, thanks for inviting me.


invite send