This weeks summoning event

427 wow impressive

I really don’t know how you guys can do that much, most of my fights finish because i catch lucky skull cascade and kill everyone

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Why does one say knightly summons when it’s supposed to say lessons in summoning?

From what i understand, salty posted a SS of a summon challenge they did before on facebook

Ahh, that’s not the current event then. Doesn’t count. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Tried that and worked better than 3x Elspeth.
Then I found 4x Fortress Gate \o/ and finished the battle on purpose after 90 summonings, got my max. Could have continued forever :s

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hehe…here you go brudda! :wink:

Mine was 79 because I got stuck against a Silver Maiden who just wouldn’t freaking die…it was incredibly annoying and satisfying at the same time.

just done 248… but lucky (unlucky) cascade finished it for me.

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Ok, I’m relatively new to the game. Is the strategy with that team to use the Alchemist to get yellow gems for the top Elspeth, user her ability to kill the 2nd Elspeth for the summons and then keep killing and summoning to that 2nd slot?

Hi there,

Try only focus to kill the last troop over and over again, fill the two Elspeth up with Alchemist when needed.

Elspeth fully traited starts with full mana, so not necessary but it definitely helps.

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