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This topic is a math dump related to treasure hunt move sets

First step how many different items are there to get/make?
Secondly represent each item by a letter s and the step order it is in.
Thirdly Quantify each variable to be solved into M which is the number of moves it takes.
Fourthly find if the number is <,>,= 1000 to obtain the final reward.
Fifth find out the maximum able score possible.
Let the games begin:
Warning subsequent post might be math heavy, help if you are able in any of the steps.

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Step one identified as * possible items, 4 of which are the beginning items. 4 different formulas or max move sets identified.

Second step might be omitable unless representing different formulas. Power might be used as a substitute.

Second step, variables shall be marked as
C=copper starting item
S=silver starting item
G=gold starting item
B=bag starting item

3rd step broken into varible parts part a
Copper starting item requires the matching of c>s>g>b>bc>gc>rc>V
Number of marches is 3^7=m is 2187 Moves. Hypothosis is Starting at copper and making only 3 matches or more without exceeding one match per move is highly and strongly improbable but might be possible for a vault acquisition.

3rd part b
S required matching is s>g>b>bc>gc>>rc>V
One less Match so 3^6=m is 729 Moves. Hypothesis is likely and possible if only one move made one match. I should lower the move cap to possible 100 moves if this continues. The fact that by matching 1/3rd has such an impact starting at a higher position might increase the possible likelihood of vault acquisition. Knowing i have aquired 2 vaults in 99 moves it stands to reason the cap is too high.

3rd part c
g requires matching g>b>bc>gc>rc>V
3^5=m Moves are a third less from the previous as should be expected at this point being 243. Highly probable and easy to obtain depending on the above mentioned.
3^4 is the next one which is for bags but no need to make a substep out of it. 81 moves Another highly probable possibility. Not surprised at this point.

Part 4
Copper exceeded my cap of 1000 moves however none of the others exceeded this so to obtain even a single vault in a score exceeding 1000 moves is probable and it is probable to obtain at least 2 or even 3 minimum.

Step 5
Maximum vaults possible or at least number of moves possible in treasure hunt requires number of spots on the grid. Omiting number of possible spots for failure to move as vaults are unmovable. 3 spots and 1 move shall be omited as falling items will not count as match as it would be the only way to fill the last position.
Grid is 8x8 so 64 items on board. 61 spots can possibly occupy the zones with vaults. Last items are brown chest 2 bags. 3^8^61=Max moves in treasure hunt total. not sure if this is correct equation but if it is the answer is way to high for my calculator. Perhaps Multiplying by 61 instead of raising it by the power of 61 is correct, so 3^8x61=400,221. This seems more likely.

Final conclusion: With the max number of moves being between 400,221 and way to high and not assuming cascades of multiple matches and not assuming more than one move a match it may be safe to believe that obtaining 10 vaults in 1000 moves as long as someone make 3 or more matches per move that yields a constant upgrade of those items is possible. End score cannot be ascertained however it seems most players are unable to achieve 1% of the possible maximum moves. If you have made it this far congrats why did you read this any of this? Its math gosh. It is supposed to be boring.


Ok, so you’re saying that:
The maximum number of moves could range from 400,221 to ??? assuming no cascades.

Does this mean, in your mathematical opinion, that cascades are bad…?

No, actually in my opinion they can be both a blessing and a curse, so if anyone posts a picture that contains multiple vaults that in all likelihood the poster got multiple cascades. 1.932334983228891510545406872202x10^224
is the number that is way to dang high and seems impossible. I prefer multiple cascades because i believe there is a point where you have to sit back as the game out completes itself, but through my math i do not know where that point will be or if the game ends with remaining moves.
Tl;Dr i love cascades in treasure hunt.

Isn’t this all for naught anyway, as Green chests are generally what you want to maximize gem gains? With anything more then that only being useful if you are farming keys?

That might be true in regards to farming but this is primarily a stop gap to hopefully prevent players from falsely accusing each other of cheating. One day someone might the max turns or they might not but only if RNG dictates it. I prefer glory farming more than gem farming to be completely honest.