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This seems insanely unfair

Seriously? Fully upgraded???


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whats the problem ? All kingdoms have this …

But the lack of low rarity weapons makes things very… stingy.

There is a problem with the high costs of upgrading Legendary/Mythic weapons, acquiring and crafting these Ingots is not easy, and:


I agree with needing a lower rarity weapon but this is like the 4th day the kingdom has been live … does it HAVE to be 5 starred immediately ? Can we not wait for a lower rarity weapon ?.. or do what they want us to do and spend money and gems on legendary ingots to level the weapon ? I mean from a business point of view I totally understand their move and am fine with it. If I were really worried about it I guess I would have bought every ingot containing pack from Raid and Invasion for the past month or so in preparation for such a thing. Nah … I’ll just sit at 4 stars until I get enough to max one of the 2 available weapons or wait for them to release a lower rarity weapon .

No, but also considering it from a business view, as you put, what can generate more income in the long run?

  • One new kingdom needing 45 Legendary Ingots to reach five stars?
  • Having a decent assortment of weapons all needing 45 Legendary Ingots driving people to possibly spend more multiple times?

Sure, we have nice weapons from Raids/Invasions but they are still few when all is said and done. Also Sin of Maraj is supposedly our last kingdom in a while, couldn’t the devs just avoid this? I’m sure they could.

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I don’t think Sin of Miraj is the only kingdom like this; Adana, Ghulvania, Glacial Peaks and Khaziel are all in the same boat, although Adana and Glacial Peaks have epic weapons from the Soulforge able to be crafted (which, imo, are more difficult to upgrade :P).

At least you know it’s the same for everyone.

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Not the first kingdom like this. Most didn’t notice because they had their kingdoms upgraded before 3.5. Welcome to the struggle.


Also Drifting Sands and I think 2 other kingdoms have no weapon below Epic. Including Sin, that’s maybe 8 kingdoms needing an Epic or higher fully leveled for 5*.

3 of those have no Epic: Ghulvania, Khaziel, Sin of M

We were aware of it and discussed the issue in some months ago:

It’s just that by now more people are probably be more vocal since they ignored the issue because of the “Legacy Stars” from the old Star System. I hope this is addressed in some way in 4.0. Salty will make a stream later with previews of the Update.

Yeah this isn’t old, and no player likes it.

But it’s also always been true that new kingdoms can’t get pushed as far as old kingdoms.

But it’s also true we had this fancy, shiny new weapon revamp that makes upgrading weapons crucial to your progress as a player but there hasn’t been a significant increase in the output of weapons.

In short: the devs are either:

  • keen on making cool features but really bad at follow-through.
  • painfully committed to 3-month development cycles and we haven’t reached the “too many weapons” phase yet.
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What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. This was always coming, and should be no surprise to anyone.

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I think you need to wait until 4.0 is released and delving becomes a thing. We should all have a lot more ingots moving forward, once patch hits.