Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


Well I mean it’s all good, it’s not like she has stealthy… oh wait


On higher floors the foxies rooms seem impossible, spirit fox cap at 66 damage i think, but there’s also amira that do 134 to any blue, both stealthy and when megavore eaten their last one the turn later a new and fresh empowered spirit fox took her place lol.

On floor 27 now , orcs and golems down but no unlock, kuargh, cocca and 2 worms in 1 and foxies in the other, if are foxies holding the unlock it’s game over :stuck_out_tongue:

All fine though, there’s gnomes so screw wasting time in the tower.


Sorry, maybe i’m not right…


i defeat stage 20 not before a valraven replace the spirit fox after 5 useless trys :neutral_face:


Casting Dragon Eye 7 times in Boss room of floor 23 before it hits something other than the Doom…


Tower of doom introducing yet another troop that can’t be obtained by traditional keys.




I hate this also. Plus I just had Ubastet dodge seven(!) times in succession whilst on 1HP and then promptly nuke two of my troops straight after.

On a side note, since when did Dwarven Walls acquire the ability to dodge also? It’s happened a couple of times in the grouping of DW x 3 and King Highforge.


Both Ubastet and Dwarven Gate do not have dodge.

You may have experienced this in delve after you completed the legendary room with goblins which awards Agile to all future enemy troops.

Another scenario is most likely they had barrier which you confused as dodging.


Even then, Ubastet so far doesn’t appear in delves and while Dwarven Gate does, it is only one copy, not 3.


I have seen here that sometimes people mix / confuse past experiences with other scenarios.
(This includes someone who was complaining about a megavore’s insta-kill in delves.)

I tried to cover both so this is the reason why i mentioned agile in delves and barrier but feel free to chip in where you can think a gate simply uproots and leaps out of the way of an attack :joy:


It’s a funny image to think about but in that case, I just imagine it opens itself up to avoid the attack and closes it self when the attacker is nowhere near. Only way I can see Delve Gate using agile. Then again, the Goblin Throneroom is incredibly rare nowadays from Delves, haven’t seen it for over 30 runs.


Thank you for your damage control and guesswork. Like it or not these instances occurred and I wouldn’t have posted were I not absolutely 100% certain of what I saw and experienced. I’ve been playing this game solidly since the beginning of the year and differeniated between dodge and barrier way back then.

Dwarven Gates randomly dodged (a la Submerged animation sans the whirlpool swirl) during two ranked PvP matches I played yesterday. And there have also been two or three other troops (who do not possess Agile) I’ve seen do this since Monday during ranked PvP.

The Ubastet 1HP thing happened as clear as day literally a few minutes before I originally posted, again in ranked PvP.


Maybe take a video and share in that case?
If this happens so frequently you can take a sample for us to examine which we can assess whether it’s a bug or not.

Aside from the two instances i mentioned above there are no other scenarios a Dwarven Gate or Ubastet can dodge an attack.

Just for reference the swirling motion is a status buff Submerge, which dodges AOE attacks.

I thought the original comment was referring to skull dodging.


If they were submerged, they won’t take any damage from AOE like Sunbird’s ability. It makes Undine a major annoyance in explore as it slows down exploration due to that Submerge. That’s the only way an enemy can dodge without agile.


When your treasure hoard is maxed out and you finish every room in the delve and end up with 5 treasures in the end. And it’s mostly souls.


Some bright spark thinking Dust Devil is a good idea for raid, ok they’ll have to keep swapping their troop order, ok just a minor irritation…well maybe that’s all it would be if you could actually enter the troop menu from the battle screen quickly but you can’t because of the lag and it’s not as if they don’t know about this issue.
Why on earth would they force players to experience one of the major flaws in the game?


Dust Devils are probably the only time I question if Empowered is a good thing or not. It does allow you to put a leader in the very front like Lord Ember who also works fine in the back but the little extra stats are nice. Still a major hassle though due to the constant team swapping and if there is more than 1… rip. Troop menu lag still not fixed either.


I’d have to say, due to this past week, Spirit Fox has made me question it as well. Its not so much that it’s Empowered OR Stealthy, but having both can be disastrous. Especially, in something like Towers of Doom where it was one shot-ing troops. You don’t have to look further than any ToD thread on here to know that it was a huge problem.

That’s the issue with all these game modes, to be honest. Any troop, even at lvl 20 and fully traited, can be manageable for most people. But, at insane levels, where they have 100s Health, Armor, whatever, and powerful traits/spells? That can turn into Hell real quick.


When you re-order your team to account for the dust devil, but then the dust devil is replaced by a valraven