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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

When you need to match gems 5 times to fill a 13 mana cost troop in arena. I swear mana surge chance is bugged in arena.


I was under the impression it didn’t even exist in arena. Contributes to the overall feeling of having your mind being squeezed to death alongside your already-limited desire to play.

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Arena is sorta trash with the game’s tendency to lean in favor towards AI. It took forever for me because it consistently put me against teams with summoners that would just stall forever after getting lucky and nuking my damage troops. There really should be a failsafe in this game, especially in these modes, that reads if the AI or player stalls out more than a certain amount of troops so I don’t try to get skulls with shieldmaiden for 15 minutes against a snake spawner guy that just always gets his extra turns and infinite snakes. You should just win if the enemy spawns more than 4 troops consistently without killing you, instead of just pairing a swarm of 11 health snakes against my 7 attack but 80 overall health shieldmaiden that can’t attack.

Also, that mode shouldn’t incorporate in the campaign buffs. I remember losing to one of the Prince troops from the Stryx kingdom because he just started with 35 combined health and armor when we all know the max durability is 10 less than that at the very most.

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That’s just a bug that has been around forever, your difficulty setting from Casual PvP is applied to your Arena opponent.

when achat room decides to make its own rules sayin that words that aren’tcensored are cuss words then spam reporting u for it so you get banned

Your minced oath might as well be a swear, as it is one in all but name; functionally, they serve the same purpose :man_shrugging:

(Link blurred because the preview broke community guidelines, whoops :laughing:)

But the reason I say so isn’t to say you’re not allowed to be mad for being banned from chat — just be clear that your anger is that you believe any word not blurred should be acceptable, even though the community rules and guidelines are far more stringent than that (which is why, for instance, a person can be banned for harassment, triggering posts, or hate speech even if they don’t directly swear or break the letter of the law, as all of these break the spirit of the law).


Today, I had an Arena draft where, out of the 12 troops offered to me, NONE of their spells deal any damage. Though I prefer not to use the Reroll feature, I had no other choice but to reroll that horrible draft.


My 3 Arena offers for today were: Medal of Orpheus for 270 gems, Medal of Gaard for 90 gems and Medal of Yasmine for 180 gems. Nope, nope and nope.


“Deal double dmg vs Blue Mana users”

Much easier to say, and more accurate. It does not deal double dmg vs both first and last enemies if the first enemy uses Blue Mana and the last does not.

Also, I hate Cocoon in arena. Rascal cast three times, on beast week. Do they get the 10% buff this week? I didn’t pay attention. Too busy killing Blue Mana users…