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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

If we add +1 to each consecutive week, we have impossible tasks from week 5 onwards.


A lot of players like the option of being able to finish camPAIN tasks in one day. Two days was’nt bad. Three days is.

Used to it, but these AB can make me angry in the morning.

The fact that it’s looking more and more that the new mythic troops introduced with the elite (lol) pa$$es are going to be kept out of the Soulforge until the absolute last possible week in the rotation…so if you don’t pay, be prepared to wait 4+ months to get that new troop unless you get absurdly lucky and pull it from a chest via random chance.

I’m not even sure this qualifies as something that makes me angry anymore. I’m just growing more sad now. 3 out of 3 Campaigns have had a new mythic troop and an “event” pet. I’m a collector. I don’t mind a reasonable waiting period, however each new mythic added increases the length of each Soulforge rotation and each event pet added increases the dilution of the event pet pool, and those rescues are rare enough as it is.


Like I had said before, I am dreading the day when 0/3 AB task and 0/3 Dungeon tasks are in the same tier of Campaign.

Now, I wouldnt be surprised if that is how the system works. The new Legendary vault troop (not new anymore) has a different rule/droprate too than the other Legendary.

Next time I get Cedric it will be the end of my computer as I will slam the screen.

I’m pretty sure I posted early on in Campaign 1 that I was expecting it to work this way. At this point, IP2/505 are doing everything they can to push monetization.

I really enjoy my guild/guild family, but this is getting exhausting. Can’t wait for the Treasure Map rework that’ll remove Gems entirely and add white pet food or some other junk…or worse, some game mode-specific currency that’s required for some other meta aspect.

Part of me almost wishes they’d just do the Tribute nerf anyone with half a mind knows they’re absolutely salivating over. Then a bunch of us could finally say “F this” and be done with it.

I was wonder why it havent entered the Soulforge yet, but my early conclutions was that it will be put in it the very last cycle. So everything is as expected. I expect more crazy rules to come around.

This yellow box keeps showing up on xbox

Are you sure this is not a result of Sticky Notes on the screen? Kidding aside, this can be really frustrating. Usually, a reboot of the app or the reinstall of the game should solve all temporary memory issues. Did you try it?

Der Sinn ist es zu verlieren und damit einen Revance Kampf zu bekommen. Durch einen Solchen erhöht sich der Gewinn beim Gold ganz erheblich !

Dear Devs, a little bit of programing (pseudo code) to add to GoW:

IF Battle-Type = “Event” AND Event-Medal != Equipped

 Print "We noticed you have an Event Medal for this battle, but it 
          isn't equipped. Would you like to equip it now?"

ELSE IF Battle-Type != “Event” AND Event-Medal = Equipped

 Print "You are using an Event Medal in a non-Event Battle. 
        Would you like to change it?"



Or better yet, let us assign sets of medals to teams…!

Oh wait, can’t let people play uninterrupted for more than 30 minutes.


Yesterday I was mad because I fought three pure faction level 300 delve attempts with Event Medals equipped.

Today I had the right medals, they just weren’t sufficient. Still mad…

Horned Guardian killed my last three troops. Skyfall skulls and other BS. And those stupid gems telling me the game is about to disconnect again…


Being around level 450 but constantly being put against players 1150-1500 in Guild Wars. Even with hack teams like double Gobtruffle, one mistake or bad cascade costing me a loop will get my team wiped by people with twice my stats. It makes for a frustrating, sweaty experience.


GW feels frustrating even for players who can make any team they wish to have. You’ll get there in due course. For now, find out the counter teams and try to target pull the troops needed. They may need training and leveling too. Good luck!

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This weeks world event. Once again we have to do skull spam with only a limited amount of ways to force them on the board. At least I have Doomed Axe, but I feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t have it. Lets create 7 gems with Kobold, so the enemy can use them to kill my troops.

Guess I won’t be using all my sigils again this week.


Well, at least, the scoring is easier. No tiers needed to get all rewards.

P.S.: My answer is a “nice” post and I think it is misplaced. :wink:

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