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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

From my guild discord:

Faction [Emperinazar] is so long I couldn’t actually get a run done with the faction team before it reset. Now I get to do it without potions, there’s campaign stupidity to deal with … and Sword’s Edge wants me to level up the worst class in the game again. Guess how many of those I feel like doing right now.


Guildies spent 95 minutes or more for the all faction level 500 run. And that was with potions…

Theory crafting is more than just troop selection. Last event many of our guild members got to 650 bloodhammer or above using various teams. Some used archer, others monk. People had to play careful and slower but it wasn’t impossible, even when the enemies were beefed up like crazy. But even in that scenario we choose to pick the hardest battles, when easier ones were there.

My points will always stand until a hurdle cannot be overcome by crafting your way out. Pure faction is an example of this in some cases but even there ive seen simple lineup adjustments and strategies kill time.

There was a post about how this weekends delve taking forever for players to finish. I agree, it was def a longer one. But it was also a much easier one and most didn’t have that long of a final battle, maybe 20 min or so, not 35 min that was posted on the forums.

Some events are harder than others. It’s just the way it is. But they aren’t impossible. If a person is that frustrated by a difficulty spike, there are often 2 to 3 other lower level battles to play.

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I’m already angry about Orbweaver summoning 13 spiders in a row, and I haven’t even started my guild wars battles yet.

Feeling good, on a Thursday. 5/0 in GW, doing some AB tasks.

3 Treasure Gnomes after not finding any last week it seemed.

 50k gold from one, I hadn't seen that much before except from Cedric.  
 Next battle one dropped 4 gem keys.  
 Final battle one dropped 50 gems.

What, no minor trait stones? No 100 souls? Life is good. Click out. Click click click…


Wait, what did I just do…

It all happened so fast, I had to verify by checking mail. I had unexpectedly gained a level. But, that isn’t a bad thing, unless the fracking game puts Blue as the default choice.

Who authorized that

40 was a nice, round number. I could have lived in peace the rest of my days with Blue at 40. Yeah, yeah, the guild, pet, and kingdom bonus push it higher anyway. None of the other colors are a round number.

Wtf am I supposed to do with a 41? Fill out a support ticket? Will they think I’m crazy? I am, and I don’t necessarily want to go around advertising that. Raise it to 50? I’d definitely be full of self-loathing if I did that. I got it to 32 to unlock all Blue weapons. Then 35 because increments of 5 felt better, then 40 because I accidentally clicked it to 36 years ago. Frack. So fracking mad right now.

I’d change my name to Saltypatrazara if I could just get Blue reverted back to 40. Not really. Not a fan. Now if I could get Blue locked at 40 so this never happens again…Saltypatrazaron.


You really should bump blue up to 64% at least, 66% is realistically the limit, getting everything to 65% is ideal. Here is mine at level 1730.


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I’m totally annoyed… The excessive use of skull-reduction teams is slowly but steadilyy getting on my nervs. Even in Bounty now… really??? It isn’t the killing of the troops (still easy with true damage) but the obvious selection of the teams, that I find annoying.


As weird as it sounds, I have to give them credit for this week’s bounty. (just a little bit)

There’s a lot of skull reduction which is really annoying given that the Bounty Troop creates skulls. However, all of the enemy troops seem to be Daemon and Undead (definitely so in your screen shot and Bounty 20), so Sister Superior can stun all of their skull reduction off…


Was looking for a Slayer… When I should of been looking for a Stone Cold… Thanks man!

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not really using the sister (not needed with true damage-dealers) but a really nice suggestion :slight_smile:

Played guild wars without trying to cheese the dynamic difficulty adjustment.

Close to 250 VK’s since the daemon was released…Would gladly trade the extra Heart of Rage for it

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Campaign task that are blocked by timed events. Like daily Adventure Board or dungeons. Basically a disgusting gemtrap.