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The Wolf and I

For what it’s worth, I decided not to go totally Draakless. Twice so far I’ve been given a choice between Draak and a bevy of epic/ultra-rare battles. It made more sense to take the points.

Edit: several other times Draakulis has been the clear choice among the five options. I am currently at 44 battles and 3919 points, always taking a legendary battle rather than Draakulis if one is available.

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Yep, and the potions and medals are a great time saver too, but it is possible for a guild of 30 to close all reward stages with each member just using their free sigils as approx 60 battles this week is the magic number (assuming no missed valravens or lost battles)

How much is that usually? Is this a rare exception? Just trying to count how many tiers I have to buy compared to earlier events, because only about 20 in the guild participate and we usually land somewhere around reward stage 9, I want them all :cry: :laughing:

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Calculation for @terberos 's guild

If 20 members buy Tier 2 and don’t loose any battles or miss and Valravens and score 7800 points each, you could close all 12 portals.

Snippet from the leaderboards showing that 7800 points is possible with ~71 battles (At the end of the week Tier 2 gives 75 battles total)

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Thanks to everyone pointing out I’m wrong. Yep, picking Crimson over Draakulis IS better. I forgot to include the initial map. Whoops. Will edit my previous comment in shame. :rofl:

Math if anyone wants: If you pick Draakulis every time it’s up, each “round” has 9 options (map starts with 5 options + 3 more battles before Draakulis shows up + Draakulis himself). The first 8 options has 1/5 chance each of being Crimson Bat. So, each round will have 8/5 Crimson Bats on average and 1 Draakulis. After round 3, Crimson Bat will be worth more than Draakulis.

It’s probable some other fights like Duulahan may also be worth prioritizing over Draakulis. Too lazy to calculate right now. Guessing it’s worth prioritizing some fights over Draakulis, and just use Draakulis to reset the map when only the worst options are available.

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I did all my T4 battles and this is how it looks like. So far Dullahan is the most valuable for me.

Not the easiest thing to look at, but…

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Edit: BELOW MAKES A BAD ASSUMPTION AHHHH. It assumes Draakulis stays on the map even if you don’t pick him. Which isn’t true. So, yeah, below is wrong. Leaving it up in case it helps anyone…

I need to stop being distracted from work. Anyway:

TLDR: Prioritize in order: Crimson Bat, *Dullahan, Draakulis.

Assuming you pick Draakulis every time it’s up:
-It’ll take about 23 battles for Crimson Bat to be better than Draakulis.
-It’ll take about 90 battles for Dullahan to be better than Draakulis.
-Werewolf, Noferatu, and Vampire Lord will NEVER be better than Draakulis.

So, the above suggests to prioritize Crimson Bat, then Dullahan, then Draakulis. If Draakulis is up, he’s there just to reset the map so you can avoid the other three battles as much as possible.


If we pick Draakulis every time he shows up, that means in total we’ve had 9 options (the map starts with 5 + 3 more battles needed to trigger Draakulis + Draakulis himself). Let’s call these 9 options a “round”.

Draakulis is guaranteed to show up 1/9 times in a round.

There’s 5 other troops (Crimson Bat, Dullahan, etc). They each have an equal chance of appearing during the 8 options of a round. So, each troop can be selected 8/5 times (8 options * 1/5 chance).

Now to figure out how many rounds until Crimson Bat is better than Draakulis:

24 + 12r = 18 + 9 * (8/5) r

Left side of the equation is for Draakulis: He gives 24 points, and each round (r) boosts the points he gives by half (12). Right side of the equation is Crimson Bat. On average you can fight Crimson Bat 8/5 times in a round, hence that modifier.

The above states r = 2.5. Since a round is 9 battles, that’s 23 battles.

Repeat the above for the other troops.

*Dullahan is an iffy one. If you’re aiming for leaderboards or helping to carry your guild, pick Dullahan. If you’re just doing the minimum contribution (1/30 of total event points to clear all rewards), don’t bother with Dullahan. Looking at leaderboards, minimum contribution can be met at 56 battles. Dullahan takes about 90 battles to be worth it.


There’s a lot of calculus going on over here but I’m just wondering where Ulf’s face is…


I had a distinct lack of legendaries on day one & two, so whenever Draak showed up, it was between ultra-rare/epic. Which means taking draak is a no brainer. By the time a Draak fight was mixed in with a legendary, Draak was significantly higher.
Oh well, this one will be over soon.


This was not my experience at all. How strange.

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If Draak stayed on the board then I’d agree with the advice to skip him.
But since he can disappear (and no others can).
I’m personally choosing to take his battle when I can. And be done with the Event before the new FA starts. 🤷

It just seems wiser to me to take the Mythic battle than he stuck with the Epic battle or worse.

And frankly I don’t care if it the stats/numbers prove that or not. To me… Things can be over thought.

I don’t need a 10 step risk assessment on getting milk out of the fridge and putting it into my cereal. Just get it done.