The Watcher is asleep?


Is this troop still dropping for anyone? It’s a UR I only have three of, and I’ve never disenchanted any. I haven’t seen any since the 1.0.7 patch. Three of a UR in more than a year’s play doesn’t seem quite right. For that matter, I haven’t seen any Archon Statue in quite a while either.


It’s been awhile, the best that I can remember, since a Watcher dropped for me. But I just opened up 50 gold chests and a Archon Statue was in one of them.


Watcher hasn’t been out for a year, it’s been two months (or whatever) since Darkstone launched…


I seem to get nothing but Watchers myself. Just comes down to luck, as we haven’t removed either the Watcher or Archon Statue from chests.

Generally only the seasonal imps get removed from chests once the next seasonal imp arrives. (Exception being Imp of Love).


This must be the same RNG that generates eight-skull drop chains then.


Yes, DarkStone (and thus the Watcher) is pretty recent:

If you’re desperate for some ultra-rares, have you considered trying the Arena? It’s a great source of extra duplicates, and also the most awesome game mode ever, incidentally. ^^ Both of the troops you mention are solid picks there, too!

Random is random… :wink:


Eh, there can still be a high variance within a random distribution. My feeling is that the RNG is prone to streakiness, even though in the long run it averages out (ask me about the time I got 7 Gorgons out of 50 gem chests).


I just got my Watcher to Mythic today, certainly getting plenty out of glory keys from guild tasks.