The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


I believe that will also have Wulfgarok for event keys so save up if you don’t have him yet.


For those that didn’t see my previous post with my forecast speculation I have attached it. Let’s see if I am right for the next mythic troop.


Whats up guys! I hope you enjoyed the small break from justice league cause it’s back! And minimum 2 weeks without GW going to be really boring weeks, personally i will just make my minimum requirement and then play another game. I am not enjoying playing this team over and over and I hope they will bring back GW quickly cause it was the only mode where i had fun and some real challenge.


Original post is now updated for the last week’s events. Sorry for the delay.


I’m so pissed about no gw I’d rather the top guilds go on strike. No Trophies until gw is back lol


So no new Urskaya kingdom this week. I imagine it will probably be next week then with Queen Aurora the week after. I don’t expect them to release the same week, so if not next week then in two weeks.


Yeah, based on the recent pattern, I think Totem Guardian this coming week with Urskaya getting a Friday release, even to follow on Monday. Queen Aurora on August 4 if they follow the 3-week release schedule, which is a pretty strong bet after they released Elemaugrim two weeks after Stonehammer to get back on track.


Didn’t salty say no new kingdom on console until the update through?


Don’t think so. I think it an issue with the centaur event that won’t happen til update.


I checked the Urskaya thread and all of Salty’s posts for the last week and don’t see anything about it. She did mention in the last week that the VJM fix needs to wait for an update, but that’s all I can see. It’s possible we might get different art on a couple of the troops than PC got, but that looks like the only last-minute change to the kingdom on the other side.


I am certain that I read it wasn’t coming somewhere. Sorry guys but I am 99% sure I’m not going dreaming this.


Might have been this?

Just before the quoted post, she said that Urskaya wouldn’t be released simultaneously on PC/Mobile and Console. I don’t see anything definitive, but they’ve been really tight on specifics lately… (The “official release date” is usually released about 4 hours before actual release.)


Don’t have lots of time… but I’m very certain it was Nimhain that mentioned the Centaur Event was being skipped on console due to console getting the latest update prior to the troop being finished.


That’s correct. It was about 130 posts above this one (17 days ago).


What @Strat said is correct. So that event will be sometime after the next update.

Also with Salty saying there’s no official date for the release, that in no way means that they can’t release it. Just they’re not saying when. However I’m certain each update does contain troops and kingdoms for several months out. That’s why we’re able to stick to a close schedule. I’m sure the sisters are even in there now, just hidden.

But with the pattern, that would imply the Totem comes next week along with Maugrim Woods. Kingdom on next Friday. My Little Pony er Queen Aurora 2 Fridays from today.

And I know the troop release isn’t the same, but ironic that the 2 weeks (at least) GW is skipped, Console avoids buffed Psion, Darkstone annoyances, Kerberos, and Forest Guardian along with Maugrim shenanigans. What a shame. Was looking forward to the MUNCH brigade.


A little Xbox humor from a few days ago. My Little Pony reference that made it into the live environment on the Xbox One.


Any cool troop in the new kingdom?


I haven’t given it much thought yet, to be honest. I like bears, though…


That’s what I think is next too. I’m actually considering doing something that I said I would never do. Use my Event keys to go fishing for a Mythic (Wulf). I’ve got ~700 or so, and I do need 2 more copies of Forest Guardian to ascend him so its not a 100% waste. Still with that many Keys its almost a 50/50 odds for pulling the Mythic… but then I’d have to burn my Gems at 675 per 50 on the new Kingdom. Uhh.


A summoner and some tech choices for guild wars but as a whole seems a little underwhelming so far.