The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


@Alpheon can you confirm for me that Bone Daemon is in the loot table on ps4 I did 1500 glory keys not a single one.


@Ghaleon its in chests on ps4.


Thanks @death, I assume you got one?


Yeah. I asked my wife to try after she said she saw @Graeme get one in chat.


Hey @Ghaleon, we’ve also quickly done our own tests and we’ve pulled the Bone Daemon from both Glory & Gem chests on PS4.


Any chance of Elemaugrim releasing on console this week since pc gets a new kingdom tomorrow supposedly. Or do we need to wait another week?


Would love to know this as well!


As it had only been 13 days since stonehammer was released, I doubt it. Next week only if we are lucky.


It might come early to offset the 4 weeks for Stonehammer. Maybe…


Well i would prefer in 2 weeks so i could get another 3000 gems and try to get him, crossing fingers for a quick drop this time


Yeah, what’s the rush. Every 4weeks for mythics please but whatever. :unamused:


I think they are far more likely to do a simultaneous kingdom release than do an early mythic release. It is very likely that the newest console update had the new kingdom.


It hasn’t. I’m sure it’s already been posted by salty.


Are we surprised by this turn of events?


Mythic this week, a good sign that the console patch is coming along smoothly?
Or did they feel they had to give us something since they got a kingdom?


Very surprised. Thank you devs!


Hi all. I’m out of town for a couple days. I’ll update the original post for the Urskaya and Elemaugrim releases, as well as next week’s events, when I’m back on Sunday.


Rainbow pony in a fortnight after ele’s period ends… You heard it here first! Lol


Yeah, I think this is a strong indication that they are really going for a mythic every three weeks for us.


And in 2 weeks we’ll have Forest Guardian and Kerberos in event chests so stock up on 1 and abuse them the following week. :wink: