The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


So…can anyone confirm if he’s in there yet?


I guess she ment later this week and not later tonight :stuck_out_tongue:


Look like i will need to light on the bat signal

@Saltypatra @Alpheon @GoldPhoenix0
(Giving nimhain and sirrian a break :slight_smile: )

You know where bone demon is hidding?


I believe he should be smoked out now, apologies for the delay.


Ah smoked ribs. Wonderful. Ok @Rickygervais, go find out for us. :slight_smile:


Confirmed, i Got it


Lol, you da man Ricky. :stuck_out_tongue:


See. Easy! :slight_smile:


Yeah only cost 100 glory keys but i won’t try to get more :slight_smile:


You should. I find I never get what I am looking for so if you look for it, you’ll probably get Stonehammer instead. :slight_smile: (And yes I really want Ricky to get his Stonehammer… Probably not as much as he does though.)


Lol i will get him eventually, now im banking for the next mythic release :slight_smile:


Pharos-ra I got yesterday from the use 3 gem key task. :sunglasses:


My luck is spreading.


Nice bro, now you got them all?


Yeah all of them. That was my second pharos. Got him after 200 VIP chest during exclusive week.


Nope wrong mythic lol. 3 pharos. 2 cost me 150vip.
Jotnar cost me 200 VIP for one. At work and just checked my mythic drop sheet. Lol, yes I keep track of exactly how much each one costs. Gards avatar is ahead by a long long way there.


Wulfy is the most expensive followed by hammer and ketra for the keys and for real money, hammer is my most expensive


Famine is my most expensive though the rest of the Apocalypse troops will be more whenever I get them.


@Shiratori or @death guys you on ps4? Did you catch bone demon? @Ghaleon is looking for it on ps4


I tried with the keys I had. 50 glory and 50 gem. Nope.