The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

I don’t play on console, so not sure if it’s the same there. But on PC, Ele is a dragon and Ketras is not, so easy decision :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But more seriously, one thing GW has done is really highlighted which troops are actually useful, such as the mighty Cockatrice. In our guild chat discussions, Ketras is almost never suggested for teams. However, Ele is regularly suggested, and is personally part of 3 of my GW teams, as well as my “strong” PvP team. I saved resources for 3 months (skipping Ketras and Stonehammer) to get it, and don’t regret the decision.


Keep in mind Saltypepper made an offhand joke that crafting might involve some aspect RNG in a post… so…? I hope that means rng resources to create, not the end goal


Please don’t start with the meme lol i was so glad this thread was still intact after all this time.

Shame on you @stan :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure in these 844 posts, there were at least a couple memes. And it was in the flow of the conversation, so within the community guidelines. Also: my thread, my rules. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: after scrolling the whole thread, there are surprisingly few memes, especially for a thread where @verdugo posted 36 times. @Rickygervais did post a few GIFs and videos…


That what you think until “the man” slams down the hammer.

Just this week the owner of largest Xbox Gems club with hundreds of members just got a 24 communication ban when she used the b### word in her own Club. In a specific area where trash talk “was allowed” per her rules. MS “keeping it clean” I guess.

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Thankfully, TPTB around here are considerably more reasonable than Microsoft.

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Pretty close. Currently plan is about 3 weeks between Mythics depending, but as we start catching mythics up it may change.

Consoles are probably going to be about 2 weeks behind in events until the next update on consoles. This is partly as we weren’t able to get the kingdom after Suncrest finished in time for the recent release, so we need to make sure there was some events in reserve.

I’m currently working to get the content far enough ahead so next update it should sync without worrying about update delays.

If it does happen it will be after consoles catch up on mythics.


@Nimhain since we only gonna get 3 weeks between mythic, can you consider make the exclusive period longer? Maybe 2 week?

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I’ll mention it to the team in our next meeting, but it is unlikely to happen.

Well i had to try… thanks anyway for the answer

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The obvious solution would be to increase the drop rate.

If you allow for 1 mythic per 4 weeks, under normal conditions, then it will take 9 months to catch up by releasing a mythic every 3 weeks.

That is 9 mythics with significantly reduced resources, considering that guilds already have a low cap on tasks now it is clear what should be done.

Then there is the Apocalypse troops, if you go every 3 weeks to get them in too then it will be another year on top.

One of my guildies opened a single gem chest and got pharos earlier this week!

We have no plans to touch the drop rate at the moment.

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2 War, 1 Death, 1 Jotnar, 3 Pharos and 3 Abynissia - Been playing for about a year: and 4 or 5 of those Mythics came in the last week alone.

…and just pulled A Drak.

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Can’t wait to see what is the new game mode And currency sirrian talked about.

I hope we won’t have to wait too long to get it on console, the bad news is we won’t get it in the 3.05 update, we gonna have to wait for the 3.1 :cry:

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What’chu talkiin’ bout, Willis?

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I’m assuming he’s talking in general about the fact there is a patch before crafting comes (namely 3.05), so two sets of certification required by Sony/Microsoft for consoles.


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Cool, thanks. I hadn’t been following that thread!