The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


@stan 20 is for the soldier if you compare with paragon this is a bigger difference


In my case it was more of I ran 4 color blue team, I would have had 0 alive. So I went with the safer option where I had won a large majority of matches.

When it came to brown, I felt more secure in my choices.


Yup no prob i just said that in case you guys didin’t know it


Only missing the new legendary and epic of Suncrest i will wait for the weekly event to catch them


Yes, while I enjoy the guild wars chatter, there are threads for that. I opened about 250 keys of various types this morning and haven’t found any of the new troops yet. I love that it’s an attack kingdom though! I’ll do the questline tonight and have at least one. :slight_smile:


Spent 3000 glory keys this morning got all the new troops except the legendary. I’ll get him next week.


Updated original post for release of Suncrest. We are now 11 troops behind: 3 mythics and 8 event troops. Prince Azquila will be the event troop next week and fingers crossed for bonus troops. I’m hoping for Necrezza.


Other than mythics we could get caught up very soon. I could see us getting two of the singletons as bonuses this week.
I’m expecting that we will start getting the same troop as PC/Mobile plus a bonus troop after next week which would put us on the same event schedule. That works best after we get our Suncrest event which is why I say not this week. They may also wait one more week after that and give us the Adana cards in one fell swoop as well before synching up the events.


That’s pretty much what I’m thinking. Suncrest next week with one or two bonus troops. Adana with one or two bonus the week after that, then line the events up with PC and catch up the last couple troops. Mythic releases every second week for the next few weeks and we’re done!


There would be no way to collect them all if they release Mythics so rapidly over such a short period of time. I HOPE there is a better plan. (that’s not a dis to you, that’s a strong hint to the developers)


Unless they put them all at the same time like they did for apocalypse and i wish it’s not the solution


They haven’t cut us a break on that yet, so I don’t see why they would start now. We’ve actually had as much time as PC/Mobile to stockpile resources, it’s just that we had longer breaks over winter and now a compressed release schedule.

I’d much rather have one every two weeks than two at a time. At least we could choose to skip the ones we don’t particularly want.


I want them all!!! Lol


Agreed! That not didnt work out. The last time they did that with Apocalypse I got a 2 if Plague and 2or3 War, 0 of the other too. I HOPE they have a new plan.


I usually agree with you, but this is crazy posting. @Rickygervais is right, collect them all!


Just being pragmatic, given limited resources, I might save most of my stash to go for Elemaugrim rather than risk the wrath of RNG trying to get Ketras.


Ketras is absolutely terrible anyway, not even worthy of being a mythic.


Yeah. I might risk 5 or 10% of my gems to take a shot, but given I’m already missing Famine, War and Draak, I don’t see why I would do any more. Unless crafting puts those missing mythics within reach, I’ll never have them all.


There’s no way I’m going for ketras. I didn’t go for jotty either. I don’t have loads of resources, the only mythic I’ve got in the exclusive period is pharos.


I’d like to think crafting should suffice for yourself and Stan regarding targeting specific mythics.

I don’t even know how they’re going to approach our missing mythics situation since it’s a tough one, but it needs to be done quite safe.