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The Rabble, #15 in league searching for players who play!

The Rabble… No, we’re not the #1 guild. We’re not even in the top 10. None of us can afford to play 24/7, lol. But we all love the game and are working hard to grow together.

Requirements: Level 300 or higher, try to earn 1,500 seals each week and at least 100 trophies.
Participate in guild wars.

The Rabble is very loyal to it’s members. You will never be kicked just because you miss a requirement once in awhile or because of a vacation. We are a friendly guild, we use guild chat. We are loyal to our members so they are loyal in return. If you love gems of war and plan to stick with your team - The Rabble is for you!

Please contact me (the guild leader) on x-box, my gamertag is RickSee01