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The new version PvP has a speed glitch

Hello the PvP ranked is slow my animation is set to 4 and it’s slow… on December 14th it was fine, but it started being slow on December 15 late at night around 10:30 and all day today December 16 is still slow when I battle in explore the speed is working perfectly but on PvP ranked it’s like 0.25. Please look into this problem :slight_smile:

Does the problem get worse with time? Or is it always there, from the minute you start the game?

It started at December 14 and always there it never goes away and my animation speed is always at x4 and it now affecting explore and arena now too.

Well late on December 14 about 10:30.

Have you restarted your console since the problem started? Did that improve things, or was there no change?

Nuclear option: delete and re-download the game (make sure to link your account and save the password!), and see if that makes a difference.