The Lion And the Unicorn


New Epic Troop: Leocorn

Leocorn will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

World Event: Hunting the Leocorn

There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Salamander, Werecat, Shadow-Hunter, Behemoth, Umenath, and Leocorn. This event has 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1 – The first 2 battles are the only available battles to play, and have an equal chance of appearing. Players will need to win 15 battles here to progress to the next phase.
  • Phase 2 – The first 4 battles are the only available battles to play, and have an equal chance of appearing. Players will need to win 15 battles here to progress to the next phase.
  • Phase 3 – All 6 battles are now available with an equal chance of appearing. This phase continues until the end of the event.

You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

  • Salamander: 10 Tracks
  • Werecat: 11 Tracks
  • Shadow-Hunter: 12 Tracks
  • Behemoth: 15 Tracks
  • Umenath: 18 Tracks
  • Leocorn: 1 Horn

Each Track is worth 1 point, and each Horn is worth 20 points.


Infinity Plus Two has repeatedly been found to sell loot boxes missing the best items or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. They always deny this at first, deliberately spread misinformation and ultimately refuse to communicate further once enough proof has been presented. Avoid spending money on this event, you may receive something inferior to what you paid for, their support will just ignore and close your compensation request.

For the most recent case of faulty loot boxes and how they were handled, see this thread and this summary.


@Jeto Is it possible to remove “Red” restriction from troop selection. Only 16 troops available (If you have all mythic and legendary troops).


Clicking ‘do task’ in the event key campaign task sends to this screen, displaying Traitstones instead of Pridelands Troops as middle reward
:thinking: :man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:
#gowQA #GoWmisleadingCommunications

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iOs is fine @AMT


Works here too (Android) if I click on the chests directly from the main GUI.
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Is this the most resrtictive world event yet? 16 troops only. Limiting troops to Raksha is bad enough, why also limit to red?

Just more evidence devs don’t play their own game. Any player with an ounce of game knowledge would have though to check how many red Raksha there were prior to reset.


Something something banner is double Red. :slight_smile:

But really, if you want to sit and contemplate IP2’s design decisions, you might find yourself stuck here for a year. Best not to think about it :wink:

Because RNG dictated it.

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Dont forget about Elves from Forest of Thorns during Archer class event. But at least you can use whatever weapon you like there :wink:

Was hoping to see this. This should be the first comment in every official post. Thank you @Fourdottwoone


What is all the fuss about, exactly?
Apart from the fact that you, in essence, don’t need anything more than a few Tigraki Warriors + support, there’s a reasonable troop selection with enough possible team options and variations.
As far as team building is concerned, two, maybe three events since campaigns were introduced have been…hmm, might be better… the rest - fine, nothing to really worry about.

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Those campaign tasks fit hunting the Leocorn event nicely, joy to play.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about, @Dust_Angel. It doesn’t seem to fit what was previously written.

Cast 3 times in a row, killed 3 of my troops.

Real fun devs.

If only the opponent was or more restricted on troop choices than the player is.

Perhaps this is why you can’t just rely on AI to use RNG to determine opponents. And actual thought needs to be used by a human for balance purposes.

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It’s a sad week when my Class Trial team is better than my world event team.

I know we shouldn’t call humans dumb anymore. But since it was AI that decided the restrictions this week is it safe to call it dumb?

What the hell is the point of releasing 1000 troops into the game if you’re going to constantly make your player base only use 20% of them?!?!?

PS - If you can’t use the weapons that are designed to create Mana for a certain troop type or Kingdom type during their world event. Then you’ve released a broken world event week.


What’s there not to understand?
Some players complaining about troop selection (and usually endgamers with all troops in their possession are the loudest) while I say that, for me personally, there is no problem this week (and most of other weeks as well).

68 games in I’ve used six different lineups just for fun and dreaded Werecat has managed to cast an impressive 1 time in 27 encounters (because I wanted to be really smart that battle)…so, yeah, it’s quite difficult for me to understand what the fuss is about. One-click wins not available? Favorite Rope Dart not available? X not available? Y not available? Z not available?


I agree.

Anyone not using 4x Tigraki (or 3x, if they’re still leveling classes) is overthinking things.

Is 4x Tigraki particularly fun? Nah.

But no world event is, really. I’m not there for fun, I’m there for orbs.

If it could be fun also, that’d be awesome, but I’m not holding my breath on that one XD

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I give feedback rather than hold my breathe or do nothing in hopes of it actually being fun rather than just giving up all hope.

I’ve personally never understood the practice of criticizing criticism. It’s like telling someone they shouldn’t feel the way about something because that person feels differently.

Very few things can be proven wrong. A stranger on the internet being proved wrong about an opinion is as likely as 1 year old bugs being fixed without the devs being harassed about it.

Because I speak for 149 others in my guilds. And if I’m restricted when I have all the troops. I can’t imagine those who have half the troops are having an enjoyable time with this World Event.

I’m one of those weirdos who believe games should be fun.

I know… I’m crazy for it.

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